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Occurred : 9/15/2008 18:30 (Entered as : 09/15/08 18:30)
Reported: 10/12/2008 6:06:23 AM 06:06
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Roswell, NM
Shape: Changing
Duration:30-45 min.
bright blue illuminating object above the buildings hanging out in the sky changed shapes and colors

my husband was following me home when i noticed people outside there homes on the phone looking up...people were pulled over outside the vehicles on phone looking up...i knew i had to see what the deal was. i pulled over jumped out and looked in the direction all the people i had seen looking. I witnessed a brightly illuminated(blue) object in the sky. It was just right there motionless(or so it seemed to the naked eye) not too much higher then out tallest building of around 12 floors. It was unlike anything i have ever seen. my husband pulled up next to me and i told him to hurry and look. We sped home to witness this with out children and grab our binoculars for a closer look. The object seemed to slowly move closer then stop. At first the shape was round and bright blue in color. We took pictures. It changed color to a solid orange/red, then began changing shapes. Pear shape, round, oblong, oval, as well as changing to being outlined in orange/red. I made sure I was propped against car to steady my arms as we were looking through our binoculars and discussing everything we were seeing. The object made irratic darting movements, causing me to constantly have to re-find and re-focus it. After about 5-10 min. it slowly slowly began drifting up at about a 70 degree angle. as it got higher it again changed color back to the brilliant blue only outlined this time. By the time it was almost out of sight, passed the stars, it was barely even light outside. It was awesome. The weather was clear and this object looked and felt so out of place in our sky.