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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/8/2008 01:30 (Entered as : 10-8-08 1:30)
Reported: 10/13/2008 10:40:06 PM 22:40
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Disk
Duration:4 hours
Multi colored, lighted spinning craft with greyish brown cloud surrounding it and bright white light over Henderson, NV.

On 10-8-08 at approximately 0130 hours my girlfriend and I were walking our dogs at the park and I noticed what a clear night it was. I looked towards the South East over Henderson, NV and observed a bright white light which seemed to be moving slowly from side to side. The object was approximately twenty-thousand feet up in the air. I told my girlfriend to look up at the lights and we observed blue, green, red flashes as the object appeared to be spinning. We observed the object move very slowly in various directions almost as if it was floating around the sky over the Henderson urban-sprawl. The object had a brownish-grey cloud around it at all times and the light it emitted had illuminated the cloud around it, which seemed to follow it wherever it would go. We stayed at the park for approximately an hour, and marveled at what we saw and the changing lights. We decided to drive in the direction of it and ended up at a housing development near Silverado Ranch and Eastern. I believe it was called “South Fork” off Eastern Avenue. We parked in front of various houses that were in the South East area of the housing development itself and it appeared to be very close to our vehicle compared to when we were at the park. It made no sound itself. We both stared at the lights which were still green, red, white, and blue at times, but it was mostly white and the colors would come and go. At one point a red laser type light emitted from the craft which seemed to be a smaller light than the others and a different color red that circled around the craft which was spinning. I told my girlfriend looking at the lights was becoming difficult because they were so bright it hurt and she agreed. I flashed my hazard lights, as we were in my vehicle, and when I did this on two occasions the lights became more active and the small red laser light would almost answer back to us and seemed to shine in our eyes directly! The dogs with us were whimpering and whining. The unidentified craft seemed to be getting c! loser to our vehicle. I was looking at the clock the entire time in the quiet neighborhood and I never lost any time during the sighting. At one point my girlfriend says it "looks like a disco in the sky!" She also described the white portion of the lights as “like a starburst“. I could make out the shape of the craft in only one instant and it appeared to be bell shaped, however the lights made the craft appear to be disc shaped and spinning. The cloud cover around the craft did not look like normal clouds almost as if the cloud was emitted from the craft. At the housing development we could hear helicopter sounds but we did not see any helicopters and I thought this was suspicious. This object was not a helicopter as it did not have small red flashing lights on the tail but large multicolored ones. During our sighting, we both agreed about what we observed and we shared the exact same reactions to the UFO at the same time. We drove up Easter, a little more South up towards the “Anthem” area, which actually is up the mountains of the Valley and parked. We could still observe the UFO from our vehicle however it appeared to be more East of us and also appeared to be rising in altitude slowly. We came to the agreement that we had actually driven around the UFO, which made me to believe the object was large however not very high in altitude. Other things about the sighting were we observed several shooting stars during this sighting in alternate areas of the sky than the UFO. At one point in the sighting we observed white beams shoot out from the craft. We also observed several smaller orb craft around the craft during the sighting. Because I did not know the exact distance of this craft it is difficult to say the size but I did get the impression it was possibly a mother ship as at about 0530 hours it was high in the sky and only white light when we got back to the house with the smaller craft possibly following it up. This craft seemed to be a pyramid shape at times as it gained altitude. This is my first UFO sig! hting an d we shared it together, as it was her first as well. We felt like we had a connection with it and hope others saw it that very early morning. We did not have a camera in the vehicle and we did not want to run back home to get one in fear we would lose track of the UFO.