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Occurred : 10/17/2008 17:47 (Entered as : 10/17/2008 17:47)
Reported: 10/17/2008 7:19:29 PM 19:19
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Shape: Disk
2 UFOs sighted flying together over Santa Ana, California and photographed.

I was sitting in watching TV when my mother in law came in and told me she wanted to show me something outside. I reluctantly followed her outside and she proceeded to try and show me two things or objects flying way up in the sky one after the other. It was difficult to see them as she told me that they weren't any sort of known aircraft. I was finally after a couple of minutes able to see them and instructed her to continue watching them as to I was going to get my camera. I ran back into our apartment and got my Canon 5D camera and switched lenses to a 70 to 200mm zoom to attempt to get a shot of them. I used the automatic settings on the camera to insure I did get some quick results if possible. Once back outside I did see them for a second time and proceeded to take a few photographs of each object. The first photograph was taken at 17:47. Neighbors of ours saw me run outside of our apartment with my camera and decided to follow me to see what was going on. They too saw the objects. Our position here in Santa Ana California was on Main St between Mac Arthur and Dyer Road just south of Alton Drive. We were facing due north looking up at about 60 degrees. The two objects flew from east to west across the sky until they disappeared. They each passed behind a high overhead cloud and then came back into view before disappearing.