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Occurred : 10/21/2008 16:54 (Entered as : 10/21/2008 16:54)
Reported: 10/21/2008 3:14:29 AM 03:14
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Mt. Airy, MD
Shape: Light
Duration:2 seconds
faint light move in a zig zag in the sky and at the end it flashed really bright and disappeared Left a trail in the sky very clear out

On October 21st 2008, I was talking to my girlfriend via aol instant messenger and at exactly 4:50AM I went to go out behind my house and smoke a cigarette. The sky is as clear as glass, not a cloud in sight from what I could see.

About half way through my cigarette I see this faint light move extremely fast in a zig zag movement (a rough drawing using paint will be emailed) and as it moving it leave a cloudy trail behind it. It acted as if it were moving away from the earth. And then it just disappeared in a very bright light. The time is now about 4:54 AM. It lasted about 2-3 seconds I couldn’t believe my eyes so and then I decided to blow it off. But as I’m finishing my cigarette I see three more faint lights zipping through the sky higher than the first one. The other three were each in a different location all heading in different paths.

The first bright light I knew was no airplane, helicopter, or shooting star. The movement was completely random. The other three could’ve been shooting stars but it was too coincidental.

The first bright light: Location: just to the left of orions belt The flash was so bright that I could see clouds that I couldn’t see with the moon light; the flash was a bright white with a blues tint. The trail if left disappeared moments after the light had disappeared.

Now I see weird things in the skies late at night that I know aren’t airplanes but this first bright light was the weirdest. This is no hoax. Possibly anything but I just wanted to report this incase I was right.