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Occurred : 10/25/1993 21:00 (Entered as : 10/25/93 21:00)
Reported: 10/21/2008 8:54:02 AM 08:54
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Catanduanes (Philippines),
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1 minute
three UFO sightings over Catanduanes, Philippines, object travelling at blinding speed

Hi everybody! I'm not quite sure if I have to tell my personal experience in this forum...considering the majority of skeptics on UFOs. But I feel that there is a need to discuss this subject, because knowledge of what really happens in our universe could be essential in determining where we should be heading.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am a lawyer in the Philippines. I currently holds a public office as the City Legal Officer of ______________, you can check this out in our website. I am the head of the City's Legal Department and had been a practicing lawyer for more than 11 years now. I had been a lawyer for many nongovernmental organizations. I am an experienced trial lawyer. As such, I know what "facts" means and what "evidence" can play as a way to convince people of the existence of a fact.

When I was 16 years old (around March of 1987), about to graduate from high school, i was walking my dog around 8:00 PM. It was a bright night because it was almost full moon, with clear skies with some relatively fast moving cumulo-cirrus clouds (it was a bit windy). Our house was just 15 meters away from the seashore in ___________. I was used to stargazing, so I was looking intently at the stars as i walk my dog. I noticed some movement near the moon, i thought it was the cloud, but when i looked more intently, i noticed that it wasnt the cloud but a "star" moving very slowly. I first thought that it must be a night plane, but then the light wasnt blinking like most planes, so it suddenly occurred to me, "could this be something else"? Immediately upon blurting that out in my mind, the moving light suddenly moved so fast in at least three circular paths, counter-clockwise. Since I studied in a special science and math class since my elementary, I knew what the speed of light is, and i knew that that object was travelling at close to the speed of light (around 186,000 miles per sec). I was shocked, because even at my age then, i knew there's no human aircraft that can travel at close to the speed of light. And after going in circles, it streaked the entire length of the sky in a semi-circle path.

Two years after, I was again in the same place (we havent left yet our residence near the seashore). I was simply strolling and letting time pass by. It was past 8:00 PM, again, with the moon (more than half moon). The sky was again clear, with visible stars and clouds. As i continue to watch out for falling stars, as it has been my habit, I saw some movement of one "star" in the location of my first sighting two years before. I got so excited that it suddenly occurred to me this wasnt coincidence. This time, upon my noticing of its movement, the bright object with yellow star-like light moved in circular paths, this time clockwise, with the same speed as before, and crossed the sky with blinding speed.

Four years later, i was already in my second year of law school in ___________, I returned home for a semestral vacation. We left already our old house near the sea and transferred to another rented house about a hundred meters away from our first hourse. Around 9 PM, i decided to walk at the boulevard near the shore. I feel some kind of anticipation that my experiences before would be repeated, and i was constantly excited of the thought that, "is it an alien spacecraft"? So every semestral break, I would go to the same spot hoping for another sighting. For a time, I got frustrated. But on that particular sem break of 1993 (around late October), it happened again. I saw that bright object moving, no longer in the same spot but still near, and as in noticed it, it again sped off in circles counterclockwise like the first time, with the same blinding speed. I thought, my God, can it read my mind, because everytime i see it and think if its a UFO, it kind of "reacts" to my thought and moves suddenly as if it was jolted by my thought. I told these experiences to my family, but they just looked at me, perplexed. But since they knew me to be very objective and reasonable since i was a kid, they never actually disbelieved me. The same was true with my my friends. I was a student leader at that time (president of various school organizations and had been the editor-in-chief of our college paper), so they saw no reason for me to tell something untrue. Since then, I would wait on the same spot whenever i had the opportunity, but i was never that lucky again. Until now, whenever i would visit my parents in _______________, I always try if i could still see it. i just keep telling my kid and my wife that someday, people, especially our political leaders, might be reasonable enough to take a serious look at these events as part of the circumstantial evidence of the existence of perhaps another life-form that has a much more advanced civilization. i dont know the answers, but Im testifying based on facts and my perso! nal know ledge of certain events where one can draw up some preliminary assumptions.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))