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Occurred : 10/25/2008 20:15 (Entered as : 10/25/08 20:15)
Reported: 10/25/2008 9:55:01 PM 21:55
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Windsor, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:60 sec
Two white lights flying in formation, got bright, then dissapeared.

My sighting occurred this evening less than an hour ago at 8:15pm. I was standing on my front porch talking to my husband on the phone. As I was talking to him I casually looked up at the stars since it is perfectly clear and calm tonight. I was looking at what looked like a group of stars almost directly above me when I noticed two stars at the bottom moving. Now I know the eyes play tricks so I looked away and looked back lining them up with the top of a tree to make sure they were moving. Sure enough two balls of light were moving perfectly with each other.

They slowly traveled to the East, too slow for shooting stars and to fast to be an airplane that far up. After about 45 seconds the one on the right got extremely bright, about 5 xs brighter and almost looked like it had a haze or fog around it. The one on the left started to get brighter a few seconds later but never got as bright as the right one. As I was telling my husband about it and getting a little uneasy, they went back to their original brightness. They kept traveling to the East for a few more seconds then stopped. They stayed in the same spot for a few more seconds, and slowly disappeared. I’m assuming they were traveling away at this time because they faded away so gradually.

I’m no astronomer or anything fancy, just a 27 year old wife, mother, and manager at a large company. I have seen satellites and shooting stars and airplanes that look like a UFO but end up not being one. I’ve seen odd things in the past; I know what’s explainable and what is not. This defiantly was not explainable or usual by any means.