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Occurred : 10/29/2008 19:30 (Entered as : 10/29/08 19:30)
Reported: 10/29/2008 10:23:49 AM 10:23
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: West Riffa (Kingdom of Bahrain),
Shape: Triangle
Weird Object moving slowly to West and then disappeared in nano second.

I just saw a very strange movement on the sky. When I saw it, I first thought it might be a plane, but some strange green and red lights were flashing on it. But I don’t know how my brain got frozen, it was a strange thing which was moving slowly at first and then suddenly disappeared in a nano second I think. It was moving towards west, towards Saudi Arabia, because it is located on west of Bahrain, from the sight I was viewing.

When it disappeared from the scene I suddenly realize oh God I witnessed a UFO. I am not saying that exactly it is a UFO, but it might be. Unfortunately I was not having any camera at that time so I couldn’t capture any picture.

The place I witnessed this strange object was deadly silent area where no one reside. It is between two hill towns. Called East Riffa and West Riffa in Kingdom of Bahrain.

I was standing on top of a hill in West Riffa and I noticed this object on sky. I don’t know if anyone else witnessed it. But it was not too late at night, so I guess there might be someone else as well who might witness it. It is a busy town, of Kingdom and around 6:30 pm (This is not exact time when i saw the object, it might be few minutes different, but when everything ends i noticed it was 6:30 pm) during evening it becomes busier on roads. I know, there were none around where I was standing, but it was too high in the sky, so it might be seen from far too, as Bahrain is a small country.

I will also try to draw a picture of the object, which is still in my mind. I will never forget that moment. One more bad luck of mine was I was carrying Sony Erickson Z800, the camera of this phone is not that good, that I can capture the object photo clearly, and as I said I was out of my mind for few seconds when I saw the object. So I didn’t even realize that I am having something to capture this object.

I am shocked and a bit scared to see such a strange thing flying over our heads and no one can notice it. I know this is hard to believe without any evidence, but I feel my brain was frozen at that time and then start functioning after it disappears. I just need to ask a question here, is it possible that UFO can freeze human brain? If YES, then I think that happened to me.

It might not be a brain frozen, because if that was the case then how can I remember the movement and picture. But I was not moving I was stand still like a poll. I am not sure what happened to me but only I can see at that point was a really weird object flying over my head and moving towards west.

I will draw a picture and will send to NUFORC as soon as possible.