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Occurred : 10/29/2008 22:14 (Entered as : 10/29/08 22:14)
Reported: 10/30/2008 5:00:11 AM 05:00
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Salisbury, NH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 Minutes
Second sighting in the same area.

Once again, I was lying in bed watching TV and I saw a single light in the field behind my house. I woke my husband and I went out on the balcony. My three boys were downstairs and also saw the light and came up to our room. The light rose out of the field and two more lights became visible in the shape of a triangle. There were some smaller red flashing lights right close to the first light. There was also a beam of light projecting across the sky in the direction the object was flying. It proceeded to fly over our house heading south. As it went over, we heard a low rumbling sound. This is the second time we have seen this craft.