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Occurred : 9/25/2008 23:00 (Entered as : 09/25/08 23:00)
Reported: 10/30/2008 7:14:44 AM 07:14
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Bethel, OH
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 minutes
'Flashing UFO and circular UFO in the night sky'

UFO September 25, 2008

I walked down to my garage at around 10 and 11:00 pm on September the 25, it was a Thursday night. I was putting my cat in the garage, but before I did that, I walked out to my gate and was looking at the western sky. It was a dry warm night, there were stars out and a few airplanes in the sky. There is nothing but a field, where I walked down to my garage (at around 10:00 pm). I was gazing at the sky; I live in the country. As I was looking out into the field, I saw an object in the sky, a little above tree-height - flashing colors. It was an object that seemed to flash colors as it looked to be turning. Or it looked like it was turning or spinning. The lights emanating from the object were different colors - pink, blue green; pastel colors. The object was completely silent, I couldn't really make out the shape of the UFO. I went to get my film camera and my video camera. When I came back it was gone, I was disappointed.

I took my cat into the garage, and when I came out of the garage I walked over to the shop, which is a couple of feet away; and for some reason, I looked down at the ground, looking at the bushes. All of a sudden I looked up and there it was! Staring right at me, at tree-top height, directly across from me, in front of a house - across the road. The field I was looking at, before, is right alongside this house across the road. The UFO appeared totally different now. It was circular, and of a star-like color, only a little warmer (color). It was white. It hovered for a minute or so while I picked up my cameras and took pictures. When I aimed my film camera, I couldn't see anything in the lens, but took the picture anyway. I got my video camera up and shot that too. After I took my photos the object, which was completely silent, then started to drop down from the sky toward the ground. It was descending to the ground, I thought. I walked over to the gate trying to get a look at it going down to the ground and where it would land, but when I got around the gate, it was gone. It must have gone behind the house as I couldn't see it anymore. I was wondering why it had disappeared on me, but in the morning I viewed the spot again, where it had descended, and it obviously had to have gone behind the house. It had been further away than I had thought. It must have dropped behind the house and landed somewhere in a field. This is all farmland here. That is, if it landed, of course.

I took my video film inside and put it on the tv to view. To my astonishment, I did get the UFO on video! It looked like it had five or more points on the object. It looked like it was spinning too. Then I got a white circular object and, a green circular object. Funny thing, the UFO that I saw on the video looked totally different than the one I saw with the naked eye (which was a circular white object at that point). While the circular green object, I didn't even see! It was like there were three objects out there, and my video camera picked up three UFO's. The flashing, turning UFO, the circular white UFO - plus, a green UFO. I thought that the flashing UFO probably traveled closer (across the field) and changed into a white circular UFO. ...But I don't know. The UFO's were in sequence, one right after the other on film, so I didn't see all of them at once. It could have been only one UFO changing form, though… Who knows?