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Occurred : 10/25/2008 23:30 (Entered as : 10/25/2008 23:30)
Reported: 10/30/2008 9:40:33 AM 09:40
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Wonder Valley, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 min
UFO hoovered less than 50 yards from us

Driving between 29 palms and Amboy Ca... saw a flashing light up ahead... came apon a UFO... less the 50 yards away from us... flashing 1 large light from the middle of the bottom... only saw the bottom of the craft... 2 things coming from opposite edges... light flashing changed pulse and rythum.. I left the scene... then between Amboy and Essex Ca it appeared in front of me again... flashed 3 lights in different rythums... then shut lights off... then flashed the 1 big light.. I assumed it was the same ufo...

This thing was Huge and it could hoover perfectly still.... it made no noise whatsoever... it could move very fast and change directions instantly..