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Occurred : 10/30/2008 19:50 (Entered as : 10/30/08 19:50)
Reported: 11/2/2008 12:53:54 AM 00:53
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Palos Verdes, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:2-3 minutes
Circular Flying Craft with glowing tube of light around perimeter seen less than 1000 yards away.

On October 30, 2008 I was driving up into Palos Verdes, CA, on Palos Verdes Blvd. coming from Redondo Beach, CA at approximately 7:50 PM to pick up some food I ordered. When I got up into the beginning area of Palos Verdes just passing the shopping center on my left I saw a circular object, straight ahead and slightly to my right that had a tube ring of light that wrapped around its perimeter.

The best way to describe this light was if you were to take a straight tube fluorescent bulb and bend it to wrap around into a circle. This was around the perimeter of the object and was glowing powerfully, with a slight blue hue to it. There was also a square shaped lighting tube that was off to one side of the object that was the same color and intersected with the round shaped tube of light but was much smaller in overall size in comparison. The second I had caught view of the object it had made a very quick, smooth flight pattern that I would say was a 60-70 degree angle straight upward in the sky but still in my view. The instant I saw this I couldn’t believe what I was seeing because it was so close. I could easily say it was less than 1000 yards away at its farthest point during my sighting. As I saw the object make that quick flight pattern, I was continuing to drive straight when I glanced to my right to see a couple that was off the side of the road, standing beside their car, already trying to take pictures of the craft. I thought, “my god they are seeing it too and who knows for how long before me.” After stopping at a stop sign immediately after and continuing to drive forward I see the craft lowering itself from the point it had stopped from the previous flight pattern. I then pull over the side of the rode where there are houses lined on the street. My eyes are staying focused on the object the whole time. I’m staring at this craft object through my windshield off to my right which is slowly lowering itself while making a flight pattern quite strange. I get out of my car trying not to loose even a second of looking at the object. The craft is swaying back and forth from right to left, to left to right. Then it begins to simply lower straight down very slowly and smooth until it is out of vision, below the elevated plateau I’m standing on. The area it was flying over and eventually lowering itself was over the ocean as Palos Verdes is a town with several layers of elevated plateaus and oceanside cliffs.

I then quickly get back in my car to turn around to see if the couple I saw was still there but they weren’t. I’m not sure if they would have seen the lower flight pattern it took because from their position you can’t see over the ocean and there are trees that possibly blocked their vision from their angle of view. I then try to drive down to a lower area to see if the craft was still hanging around beyond where I could see. I got down very close to the ocean, cliffside, but I saw nothing. The object was gone.

I was completely baffled and couldn’t believe what I had seen. The fact that it was so close and could see it so clearly felt unreal to me. I tried to rationalize during and after the sighting what it could have been. There was only one thing I could come up with other than it being some “other worldly” craft. I thought maybe some talented guys had built a circular, remote controlled craft and were flying it. I then thought that this was not likely true because the lighting of the craft was simply too magnificent and the craft likely too large. That powerfully glowing tube of light around the perimeter was a light like I’ve never seen before. The couple that was taking pictures must have been awed enough to stop and take pictures. Also, that beginning flight pattern of the craft shooting straight upward at a 60-70 degree angle was too fast. Conclusions I came to were as follows: - This was a “flying craft” of some sort that was being “controlled” somehow.

- The object was obviously circular shaped - I have NEVER seen anything like this - The size of the object was estimated to be about the size of a car or larger considering the relation to the landscape and how close I it was to me.

- The craft made no sound that I could here.

I will never forget what I saw. I would love more than anything to know exactly what it was. I feel strange that I saw this so close to me. It was not just some point of light in the distance. I don’t know what to do with my experience as it was so “baffling” and feel incredibly unsettled about it. The thing I’m most intrigued about was the lighting. I’m not a 100% believer in UFOs and this lighting was like nothing I’ve ever personally heard reported in peoples sightings.