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Occurred : 11/1/2008 14:00 (Entered as : 11/01/08 14:00)
Reported: 11/3/2008 9:48:12 PM 21:48
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Lafayette, LA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1-2 seconds
Translucent orb and high speed objects captured on video during air show

I attended the Sertoma Cajun Air Festival in Lafayette, LA. It was a beautiful sunny day and the highlight of the show was the USAF Thunderbird performance. I took snapshots with my digital camera throughout the day, and even tried to use the cameras video feature to get some of the nice formations in motion. When I got home and was reviewing the footage, I was shocked! I had three videos that had objects in the sky or that flew across the screen that I could not identify.

During the show, there was nothing observed by myself, or openly by any other observers there that I am aware of. This is my first photo or video of a UFO, and I have never seen one in person before.

Time of day: between 2:00pm and 3:45pm CST Camer: Cannon PowerShot A620, 4x optical zoom, digital zoom disabled Media:SanDisk Ultra II 2BG SD card Weather: Clear skies, winds <10mph, temp. mid 70's (F) Observer: 28 year old male, married, Air Force veteran with 6 years experience in visual and radar identification of aircraft, as well as aircraft capabilities and limitations knowledge.

Photo/Video experience: Novice The first video is poor quality due to the limitations of the camera. It depicts what I consider to be a cloaked UFO. A single F-15 was performing a vertical climb. I was filming in video mode and trying to follow the movement of the aircraft and zoom in with the climb. In the footage there is a circular distortion on the right. This distortion is stationary in the sky and not a smudge or particle on the lens of the camera. As the camera moved slightly under my attempt to control the zoom and keep the fighter in frame, the object remains stationary, at the same time dust/smudges move with the camera to the left. (The dust/smudges are not in the photo captures.) The fighter does remain blurred considerably on the lower left during zoom. The object in question is very translucent with a slight shimmer around the edges and glimmering slightly over the whole of it.

UFO in frame from seconds 0:03-0:06 YouTube Link: Original File: This second video is more impressive. Four of the F-16 Thunderbirds are in an opened diamond formation (my description not theirs) awaiting a solo F-16 to come flying through the middle of the group at a higher rate of speed from behind. I am in video mode and following the 4 ship formation. In the review I notice that behind the formation an object moves across at an extremely high rate of speed. The UFO crossed the cameras field of view in less than 1 second! There were only 6 aircraft in the sky at the time, all F-16's; 5 of which were participating in this pass. Another was preparing to come from a different direction.

UFO in frame from seconds 0:06-0:07 coming from right to left behind(?) the fighters.

YouTube Link: Original File: The final video shows all six of the Thunderbirds on approach in Delta formation. The object in question flies from the upper right going to the upper left, and again near the end going form the bottom left to top left. The object may be similar or the same as the object in the second video. No other aircraft were airborne at this time.

UFO in frame at seconds 0:06 and again at 0:52 YouTube Link: Original File: I can't say I noticed any bugs at all. The weather for the whole week before the air show had been fairly cool, upper 60's day and lower 50's- upper 40's at night. The only bugs we have noticed are cold weather nighttime bugs like 'stink bugs.' The day of the air show, the weather was fairly warm, mid 70's. I didn't notice any bugs or birds that day at all, but unless there is an unusually large amount or lack of, that’s typically something one is oblivious to.