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Occurred : 11/18/2008 17:25 (Entered as : 11/18/08 17:25)
Reported: 11/19/2008 5:51:40 AM 05:51
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Evansville, IN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minutes
Two small craft with a sequence of red lights made an instantaeous 90 degree turn to follow a commercial aircraft.

A clearly identifiable commercial aircraft was flying to the north east over the campus of the University of Southern Indiana. Two smaller craft of unidentifable shape but blinking with red and white lights were heading towards the north west. They were flying in formation - one was closely following the other. Initially, I presumed they were military jets, but I could only hear the noise of one aircraft engine. When they reached the spot where they bisected the flight path of the commercial aircraft, both smaller craft immediately turned at a 90-degree angle and began following the commercial jet. These smaller craft did not bank, as airplanes would do - they simply changed directions in an instant. Once they changed direction, they also changed color. Instead of blinking red and white, they were blinking red only. Further, the location of the lights changed as well. Instead of appearing to be on either side of the craft, a series of red lights blinked in sequence as if along the side of a circular craft. At this point, two additional craft appeared; they were even smaller than the initial two and they blinked with only white lights. They flew near the initial group for a few seconds, then they flew off rapidly in two different directions (one to the southwest, the other to the northeast). The commercial aircraft and its companions were ultimately lost to sight, continuing to head southeast.