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Occurred : 10/16/2008 17:25 (Entered as : 10/16/08 17:25)
Reported: 12/10/2008 2:07:16 PM 14:07
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Lindale, TX
Shape: Chevron
Duration:50 sec
Saw a mirror-colored craft that I have never seen the likes of.

As I was working in my garage, my son called me to look and see what was outside in the sky. I dismissed his request, and continued to work. He called for me again, and he pointed to the sky where I saw what appeared to be a fireball on the end of a rope. As it fell closer to the house, I began to back up for fear it was going to fall onto our driveway. Then I got a glimpse of what it really was. It was a boomerang shaped craft with an exhaust/light coming out of one end. It appeared to be in trouble. It appeared to be free falling until the light/flame on the opposite side of the craft re-engaged. It stopped falling, and resumed it's altitude. At that point it moved very quickly to the left, then it propelled itself forward and was out of sight in a matter of seconds. It was faster than any object I had ever witnessed. I saw the craft and it seemed to be clear or mirror-colored, that is that it looked like it was covered with a mirror like finish which made it look camoflauged. After it left, I immeadiately went back inside with my son and asked him to draw what he had seen, as I drew what I saw. He is only four, but our pictures matched.