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Occurred : 10/20/2008 18:30 (Entered as : 10/20/2008 18:30)
Reported: 12/23/2008 10:30:44 AM 10:30
Posted: 1/10/2009
Location: Fairfield, TX
Shape: Other
Duration:several sightings from 10
Multiple sightings in Central Texas (Freestone County area)

We live on a farm/ranch in Freestone County between Fairfield & Palestine near Highway 84. We have very dark skies and are used to seeing bright stars, satellites & multiple air traffic. I am going to report the multiple sightings that we have had in the last few months. My boyfriend's family has had this land for 4 generations and he grew up here. He and other members of his family have seen strange things over the years but this year there has been lots of activity. We are only about 120 miles Southeast of Stephensville & 65 miles from Waco. There are several airbases and strip mines (lignite & coal) in this area of Texas. I mention the mines because lots of activity seems to occur near them. I am going to give a description of each sighting over the last few months. We really believe something is going on possibly military, possibly not. If it is military - it is something unbelievable and the technology is very different.

10/20/2008 - We (my boyfriend and I) had just arrived home and stepped out on the back porch of the farm to look at the beautiful sunset. We noticed 3 long pencil shaped cylinder objects due West of us toward Limestone County (Mexia/Waco) somewhere beyond highway I-45 above highway 84W. At first we thought they might be jet trails. They were suspended at a 40-45 degree angle from the ground. They did not break up like trails and we realized they were solid and very reflective. You could see the reflection of the sunset in them. I ran inside and got my digital camera and snapped a few shots. They were in perfect formation. With the naked eye, nothing showed up on the camera screen but when I downloaded onto the computer we noticed you could see 3 white orbs or ovals in the picture when amplified by 200+. The strange part about this is with a naked eye these objects looked very long and solid like pencils or telephone poles in the sky but on film they were round or oval shaped. We told some friends later in the week what we saw and they admitted that they saw them too and had commented how strange they looked. They were in their car on the way to a restaurant at I45 & 84. They also saw them due West/Northwest. I will try and include a picture with this report. The incident lasted over a 1/2 hour.

10/28/2008 - We had just gotten home and went out on the back porch to feed our 4 dogs at 8:20 PM. I observed a dull orange, red glowing sphere with a whitish glow in the center. It looked like it was hovering or floating just above the tree line in the Southwest sky somewhere between our land and Jewett (near the mine). My boyfriend ran inside and came back out with his rifle which had a high powered scope. We took turns observing the object until 8:33 PM when it either flew over the horizon or descended (we felt like it descended). The next day we saw a report on the Dallas news that the Stephensville lights had returned so I decided to send them an account of what we saw. I contacted the Stephensville paper and reported the object. They asked if they could use our description in an article so I gave them permission. The next day they published the article and there was a picture that had been submitted by an East Texas woman. Our verbal description matched the picture exactly (but we did not take any pictures that night). Others saw what we saw! 11/25/2008 - Almost the exact same sighting as mentioned previously - orange, reddish glowing sphere with white center...almost dull like a halo around it. It was in the same Southwestern area and we saw it around 9:00 PM and watched it for 15 minutes - again it looked like it descended or went over the horizon. Other air traffic could be seen and this looked nothing like the normal air traffic in the area. Since this was the second sighting of this kind we began to investigate our surrounding (helicopter landing sights etc.) but we found nothing.

12/3/2008 - Again, almost the same description as above - we documented it at 8:05 and watched it until 8:22. We could not get pictures because nothing would show up.

12/7/2008 - (This is our strangest one yet and involved three different sets of lights). This sighting started out as the one above. We had just gotten back from Dallas & Waxahachie and went out on the back porch to feed the dogs at 8:19 PM. I saw the strange orange/red object and called out to my boyfriend to come take a look. We watched it do it's normal thing (descend or go over the horizon) but this time as soon as we lost sight of it this bright white light appeared above it. This came on as if someone had turned on a lightbulb. This object began to flash bright multi colors in sequence. The colors were amazing - blue, orange, pink, green, red. It was so bright it was hard to tell what shape it was. We got the rifle scope out again and my boyfriend looked at it through the scope - he said it was hard to tell it's shape. As soon as he handed me the scope the light went off, again just like a light switch. I told him something was still there - right when I said that, 3 small piercing white strobe lights came on in a triangle formation. They kept strobing back and forth as if communicating or sequencing. A high flying jet came into the airspace where this was going on and the strobe lights began to almost cartwheel over each other off to the North at a very high rate of speed. The next thing we knew, we were just looking at the regular air traffic (jets) on their route to Dallas. This sighting really shook me up. While it was happening, my boyfriend called his mom who lives in town, she went out to see if she could see anything and she could not because of the tree cover in her neighborhood (very large Post Oaks).

I reported this sighting to MUFON ( I had reported the previous sightings to them). The MUFON investigator contacted me and said that he had received almost an exact report of our sighting from a man that was driving home from Dallas back to Waco with his teenage son (they had been at a football game).

12/11/2008 - This is our last sighting. There is a well being drilled due South of our farm and we can see the rig lighting very clearly beyond our barns. I had gone out on the back porch at 10:00 PM and saw the strange multi colored bright light about 55 degrees above left of the rig. We watched it for 40 minutes, I tried to film it but nothing appears on the video. It was not a star because we know our night sky and there has not been a star there before and there has not been one since.

Please consider investigating this area of Texas if you are already investigating the Stephensville incidents. We just want to know if it is military or not...I think NOT.