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Occurred : 1/13/2009 16:28 (Entered as : 01/13/ 16:28)
Reported: 1/13/2009 5:20:38 PM 17:20
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Electra, TX
Shape: Oval
Duration:7 seconds
Silver oval craft seen near Electra, Texas

Conditions: Clear, 50 deg. F Time: 4:28 pm Location: Wilbarger Co., Texas I was driving home from work SE bound on US HWY 287 about 3 miles NW of Electra, Texas, when I saw a very bright shiny ovoid shape back to the south (right side of HWY). I'd guess it to be about 0.5 miles away and maybe 2-3 thousand ft. high. The craft was hovering in place but as soon as I locked my gaze on it, it fell with dazzling speed towards the ground at about a 45 degree angle. Then it completely disappeared. I don't mean moved out of sight, I mean it was like someone switched off a light bulb! It flat out disappeared! As I was watching, it suddenly reappeared est. 1/4 mile north from where it disappeared, now flying slowly at about 1000 ft. off the ground back across the left side of the highway heading due north, it then fizzled and sparked (electrical short?) and completely disappeared again. I'd say the first sighting lasted about 4 seconds and the last maybe 2 seconds. I never saw it again.

This was very, very strange! I know it was no airplane, weather balloon, or space debris because of the controlled movements and the disappearance/reappearance. Other planes were flying, leaving plain vapor trails, this left no vapor trail at all.