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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/6/2008 20:30 (Entered as : 09/06/08 20:30)
Reported: 1/13/2009 8:39:23 PM 20:39
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Ridgecrest (near), CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:15 seconds
From Dim To Bright To Dim

On 9-6-08 I spent the evening watching for unexplained phenomena. Sunset was at 7:11 and I was situated at Latitude: 35°32'4.77"N and Longitude: 117°32'43.80"W I got the sunset time from the internet. I got my camera gear out and got it all set up so that I could be ready for anything. I sat down in my easy chair until it was time for the stars to start showing themselves to the world. One by one they appeared. If you are not fast while you are watching for the stars, they will sneak up on you. Looking at the First Quarter Moon that was to the south of my vantage point, there was a bright star/planet that showed up to the east of the moon and just a little higher in the night sky compared to the moon. It was very bright and steady. I turned around only to find a brighter star/planet on the horizon where the sun had just set. When I turned back around, there was a second star even farther east of the star that was near the moon! It too was bright. “sorry, I only know that a planet does not twinkle and stars do” I don’t know the names. Anyhow, I started my scan around the heavens to see what was appearing and by the time I got back to the bright star/planet east of the moon, I noticed something very odd. The star/planet to the left of the one that was near the moon was now GONE. One minute it was there and the next minute it was gone. I know it was not a plane as it just sat there in one place when I first noticed it. As the evening progressed, I noticed two objects passing on by. One of them looked like it was headed towards LA and about a half hour later I saw one that was headed north away from LA.

Ordinarily I would suspect that they were planes, but there were no strobes on these two objects that looked like stars passing in the night sky. Even though there was no strobe to them, I just noted them as planes. Same speed, no deviation whatsoever. It was about 8:30pm when I looked to the north and off of the big dipper to the right, I noticed this light. This light started to get very bright and all of a sudden, I had surmised that this thing was coming right at me. It just kept on getting bigger and bigger. I turned around and grabbed my camcorder and stand as a complete unit, and when I turned back around, I had to say to myself, what’s the use. It, by the time I turned around started to get smaller again. So I just stood there watching it as it eventually disappeared. This object did not go up, go down, go from side to side or anything. It was as if there was a very high candle power light that was being turned up and then back off slowly. This lasted for about 15 seconds. I have no idea what it was, but I can finally say: I have seen something in the nights sky that makes no sense to me. Twice… In one night… A disappearing planet and a light that made no sense. I would go back out again, but the bugs are so bad as the sun goes down that I did not have fun due to these bothersome critters. I was so busy swatting them that I lost sight of the fact that Rattlesnakes were out and about.

A video that is called "Contact has begun" with James Gilliland. I had never seen it before and I did not know it was James in this video when I downloaded it. I only downloaded it because of the title. The very first UFO on this video is exactly what it was that I saw on the above trip I took on Saturday. Instead of two, there was only one in my case and NOW I can finally say,,, " I HAVE SEEN A UFO " Now I am a minority. LOL

((NUFORC Note: We have calculated the nearest city, based on the GPS co-ordinates provided above by the witness. PD))