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Occurred : 1/1/2009 23:15 (Entered as : 01/01/2009 23:15)
Reported: 1/14/2009 10:27:24 PM 22:27
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: High Point, NC
Shape: Circle
Duration:13 mins
Round Shaped object had triangle pattern lights under carriage, the top had a series of lights in circle. Object stood sitll in air.

January 1st 2009 I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette before heading to bed. I remember checking my watch because I knew I had to be up early and head out of town the following morning and I recall it was approximately 11:15 p.m. or so. I was standing out on my front porch smoking a cigarette staring at the tree tops which I often do and noticed a light which was yellowish white in color off in the distance. It was behind one of the trees in my neighbor across the streets yard and at first glance I assumed it to be a star. I noticed slight movement which I assumed was from the tree swaying but the light seemed to be getting closer.

With an airport within 15 minutes away, it was not uncommon to see planes flying over head so I thought nothing of it. As I continue to smoke my cigarette, the light was moving closer and was ascending. As the object got closer, something told me to take a picture. I pulled out my phone and attempted to with the phones camera, but because of the night the only thing that appeared in the picture was the light (I have the picture archived on my phone). By the time the light reached over were the tree was, it maneuvered in what I can best describe as a half circle or moon shaped movement to the left.

Still ascending upward, I was able to see the undercarriage or belly of the object. There were lights in the shape of a triangle under the object that were in some sort of series of blinking. The lights were red and a very white crystal light. I am still assuming at this point that the object is a plane.

Within what seem to be a minute or so, the object then made another maneuver in the same half round or moon motion coming back around to the right in the direction of the tree I had first initially seen and maneuvered past the tree over to my side of the street a few houses to the right. At this point the object had descended and I was able to see the top of the object.

The object was round in shape and had a ring of lights on the outer edge. The object sat in the air still almost as if it was starring at me. I opened my front door and yelled to wake my daughter off the couch to get her mother. Not very comprehensive from being awoken, rubbing her eyes, I directed her to get her mother yelling its important hurry. She came back and said mommy was sleeping. I yelled for her to wake mommy up now! The object is still sitting there while this is transpiring. Finally I dart into the house to wake my wife and fly out the back door of our bedroom onto my deck in the hopes for her to come see what I have seen.

Standing on my deck, I saw nothing. I then run through the house back out front in hopes it was just out of visibility from the deck, but it was gone. I checked my watch and it was 11:28 p.m. After it was all done I was a little shaken by what I had seen. I was telling my wife of the experience and in telling her about what I had seen, my memory recalled that I did not here any engine noise that you typically would from a plane, and of course it was not a helicopter. I have always been quite the skeptic when it comes to the sightings, but I know I saw something I had never seen before and was unable to identify exactly what it was.

I am a 28 year old male, married with 2 children. I am originally from Long Island, NY and moved to NC in 1999. I am a district manager for a men’s clothier and well respected by friends, family and colleagues. People whom know me would attest to my credibility.