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Occurred : 1/4/2009 19:00 (Entered as : 01/04/09 19:00)
Reported: 1/16/2009 12:43:26 AM 00:43
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Concord, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
Red blinking black triangle spotted over highway 24 downtown plesant hill/ geary exit CA

As I was driving at about 60 mph on highway 24 through downtown pleasant hill California near the geary road/best buy exit I saw two black triangular craft with bright red lights outlining their black color hovering above the freeway. They were completely stationary. While Visible for a half minute or so before actually driving underneath them, from a distance they looked more like bright stars, once below them however they were very detailed and were not bright like a star but had blinking red lights and triangle shape. They did not appear to move one inch the entire 2 minutes I was looking at them from the time I approached, came up upon, and drove below the craft. The one craft was approx 2000 - 3000 Feet in the air, and further removed from being directly over the freeway. The other one was lower 1000 – 2000 feet in the air, almost directly over the freeway, and the lights were extremely bright and red on the lower one. They were approx 300-500 yards apart from each other. There seemed to be three (3) overly bright red lights at one of the points on the triangle, and less bright ones at the other points. Since I was driving and only could see the bottom of the black triangle I can not describe the top obviously. I noticed a couple other cars in front of me on the freeway swerve so they must have been looking at this too. Unfortunately, it is impossible to take a picture while driving since this is too much of a distraction and safety risk behind the wheel; however I am sort of kicking myself for not pulling to the shoulder and taking a hundred pictures with my iphone. If I see them again I most certainly will. This is the second time in one month that I have seen these craft in almost the exact same spot. The previous time there was only one red blinking triangle however and it was above the freeway but on the other side. What are these??