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Occurred : 1/16/2009 18:25 (Entered as : 1/16/09 18:25)
Reported: 1/16/2009 8:06:33 PM 20:06
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Yuma, AZ
Shape: Light
This sighting was EXTREMELY similar to "Endeavor" space shuttle night time fly-by's.

I have seen many UFO’S in Yuma for quite sometime, and have been always disappointed because I never had a camera at hand until today during this sighting.

I was able to instantly recognize that this was very similar if not exactly what I have seen in previous times in Yuma.

They are major military bases in Yuma, and I truly believe that these bases DO withhold technology from which you will see in my video.

I have seen events of the space shuttles zooming across the sky’s at night, if you have seen that happen then you can DEFINITELY compare how this event looked extremely similar.

It was a bright white light that floated across the sky, catching my intention, enough to run inside and yell at my parents at the top of my lungs to come outside and witness this.

I was so sure that this is what I have seen in the past multiple times, I even told them that this light would zoom away at thousands of miles an hour once it reaches the outside skirts of Yuma. This light did just that. My father said that that was the most significant part of this sighting, because I predicted or just pretty much knew it was going zoom out of sight at supersonic speeds.

Earlier this year I sighted what had been supposedly the space shuttle “Discovery” or “Endeavor”. Our local Yuma Daily Sun news report gave approximate times for the sighting of the space station flying past, and me being a constant observer of our skies I had seen this space station one night thinking it was a UFO later to find out it was “Discovery” or “Endeavor” that was flying by. I saw this light two nights in a row. Both nights sighting were extremely similar to what you seen is this video I took that I am now reporting to you guys. The only difference being between this sighting and the “Discovery” or “Endeavor” sighting is this video is shot while the sky is lightly lit. The sun was up enough to see the sunset on the horizon.

This UFO was bee-lining across the sky at a steady, slow , floating pace. It was about 30 seconds later after this video ended, due to lack of memory on the camera, that the light zoom off at supersonic speeds right as it reached the outskirts of Yuma County.

While I was shooting the video I was stating that the flashing red light was “BELOW” white light. It “WAS” below the white light just before I shot the video. I did not realize the flashing red light from the plane had been coming toward us almost directly and had risen above the white light which you see in the video. The only conclusion I can get out of that is either this white light was below this plane and the plane gained altitude, or this white light is just outside the atmosphere and created an optical illusion even to myself. So the white light can appear to an observer to either be below the atmosphere in the skies of Yuma County or it was moving at incredible rates outside the atmosphere and floated across the sky very similar to that of the satellite.

So let’s say if this object was in space then it being its size and the brightness of it, this object must be gigantic enough to reflect the sun’s light off it to appear so large. So one way or another the size of this thing is massive , and you can compare it to the plane flying past. Because the plane was flying by is going to make it much easier for you guys to study the size of this object and the direction its going. And myself living in Yuma since day one, and can bet my bottom dollar that the flashing red light was from a Jumbo Commercial Airliner, no doubt in my mind, that plane is heading right for California. The fence you see in my back yard it going parallel with North and South. The airliner is heading west. The light is Heading NW from what I observed.

Let me make this very Clear. This Object did not have supersonic speed until it reached the outskirts of Yuma. AS SOON AS IT DID it zoomed up to supersonic speeds and the lightly gradually at a somewhat fast pace got smaller and kind of dimmed smaller and smaller. A satellites light doesn’t even dim out like that. Satelites that I have seen in our skies did not move at same high speeds as this. Had the white light actually be in space. If it were then this white light would beat any satellite up there in a race hands down. And that was when the white light was just floating across the Yuma sky, so theres no telling just how fast this white light took off at the end of its descent.

I watched this white light come across the sky from the deep south of Yuma, and I could bet my bottom dollar it was in Mexico’s air space before it reached Yuma. Do our space shuttles travel from South to North? From what I understand they do not.

I would love it if you guys could get back to me and let me know what you guys think of this and if this helps you with your research. Thank for taking the time to read this.

Thanks a billion!