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Occurred : 11/25/1981 22:00 (Entered as : 11/25/81 22:00)
Reported: 1/24/2009 4:41:24 AM 04:41
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Angleton & Pearland (between), TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 minutes
Driving to Galveston @ 10 p.m. Nov. of `81, I saw 100s of saucers, got out of car and pointed upwards but 3 other cars wouldn't stop.

I know someone in one of the other three cars driving behind me on that deserted highway that October or November night between 10 and 11 p.m. in either 1980 or 1981 would remember me getting out of my 1969 yellow Toyota Corolla and pointing up to the spacecrafts, if they were one of the people in one of the other cars that were driving behind me.

I am 6'5" and at that time I weighed about 185 pounds, with 70s-style brown hair so I know I must have looked really skinny then.

I was heading south on Highway 288, I believe, but as I said, I was lost so it could have been on another south bound deserted stretch of freeway on my way to where I lived in Lake Jackson, Texas.

There were three other cars driving behind me when I came upon the sighting and this is what I saw: I saw hundreds of sphere or saucer-shaped spacecraft soundlessly landing and taking off in the vacant field or pasture along the freeway. There could easily have been 1,000 of these flying saucers. They had lights in the middle bottom part of them and this "light" is what seemed to propel the crafts. They landed three-at-a-time and the moment they landed, three others would launch. They seemed to hover momentarily, then in a beam of light, they would be gone, straight up and out of sight.

With the other cars traveling behind me, I knew that I was not the only one who had witnessed this hard to believe sight so I pulled to the shoulder of the highway, exited my car and began walking toward the oncoming cars. I waved and pointed upwards in hopes that someone might have a camera to document the incident. It surprised me when the driver of the first vehicle accelerated and kept going. Soon the second and third vehicle basically did the same thing, leaving me there alone.

At that point, one of the smaller saucer-shaped spacecrafts traveled directly toward me, stopping almost overhead, hovering without sound above me. If I could have picked up a rock and thrown it, I know that I could have hit it but it never crossed my mind at the time. There was a noticeably lit dome on the top of the craft which was opaque so I couldn't see into it. I had the distinct feeling that I was being confronted and fear overcame me. I ran to my car, jumped into the driver's seat and with seconds feeling like an eternity, I turned the key.

The engine strained and I thought I was doomed but soon, miraculously my car started. I threw the car into gear, floored it and never looked back, however, it seemed to me that I drove away in extra slow motion as the car strained but seemed to continuously pick up speed. It was still dark when I sped away however, looking back on it all now, it seems that I somehow lost several hours.

I remember arriving home around daylight the next morning and my wife accused me of being out all night, drinking with the guys. I remember that she had said I was "a day late," but at that time I just shrugged it off and was just so relieved to be home.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with an AVM in the left lobe of my brain. I have never considered that I could have been "abducted" that night, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that I actually saw what I saw. I am positive the other people in the cars behind me saw the incident as well, however they did not stop as I had expected they would. It upset me that nobody stopped to talk about it with me, but now I realize that they were probably just extremely scared, exactly as I was the moment I realized I was alone.

I haven't talked about this incident to too many people. I probably wouldn't believe the story, myself, had I not experienced it first hand.

I have often thought about that incident and have wondered who the people in those other three cars could have been so I Googled `UFO sighting in Texas City/Galveston in October/November, 1981. Anyone remember this?' and I saw the story of the guy who said he could see in his peripheral vision that the other driver was pointing upwards. The question I have for that reportee, is, "Was this other driver a tall, skinny guy standing outside of a yellow 1969 Toyota Corolla?" If the answer is yes, then my question is, `Hey buddy, why didn't you stop? Do you know I could have been killed, or worse yet, abducted?' The people in those three cars probably thought I was crazy, but I honestly thought they'd stop, otherwise I would have probably never gotten out of my car. If I would have known they were going to leave me standing there, I would have stayed in the car, too, then floored it and left, but being the social type . . .. I have to say that as I stood on that dark, deserted freeway late that night, that was one time that I wished I hadn't been as tall as I am.

My current wife said that in about 1973 or 1974, after a Friday night visit in the wee hours of the next morning, she and her family were walking some (visiting Channelview, Texas) neighbors out to their car in Sheldon Woods, north east of Houston, Texas. She said that as a group, four grown adults, a 13-year-old boy (my wife's brother) a 12-year-old girl (my wife) and a 9-year-old girl (my wife's little sister) witnessed, slowly traveling north over the housetops of the houses in that neighborhood, a huge, though silent, 400 to 500 feet-long rectangle-shaped spacecraft with lights all over it that seemed to be actively surveying the quiet neighborhood.

Although as a group, they all just stood and stared up at the hard to describe spacecraft, my wife, her little sister and her parents remember the incident but her brother and the other two adults profess that they don't remember the incident. In fact, they never discussed it until recently.

My wife joked that her big brother and the two visiting adults must have been abducted therefore they probably don't remember. She is kidding, of course, but entertaining the thought that I could have been abducted that night in October or November of 1981 (and it could have been 1980) is actually not an entertaining thought. I'd be interested in reading what others may have to say about what the chances are that I could have actually been "abducted,” and if AVMs are associated with this type of scenario.

I will say that at times I have had an extremely difficult life with more than a normal person's share of trials and tribulations. I have always said that most of the difficulty I've experienced has been from the unwise decisions I've made, so it would be comforting to learn that it was never me, but the ALIENS, all along.

Seriously, despite the health problems and other difficulties I've had, I've now got my life headed in a direction that I'm content with. After making two incompatible choices for marriage partners, I was blessed with six beautiful children so I am thankful for these women for that. I finally married my high school sweetheart, (who has six children of her own, making it a dozen for us altogether.) She happens to be a professional writer and helped me put this hard-to-believe actual U.F.O. sighting into a flowing, readable story so I truly thank her for that.

If you were one of the people in one of the three cars behind me, then it would be great to have someone validate my story, and if you feel like I have felt all these years, have me validate your story, too.

Most people report seeing one strange U.F.O. or experience, I've never heard of anyone else ever seeing this many U.F.O.'s in one sighting.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))