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Occurred : 1/23/2008 17:59 (Entered as : 01/23/08 17:59)
Reported: 1/24/2009 2:15:43 PM 14:15
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Plumsteadville, PA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:5 minutes
My girlfriend, her sister, my little sister, and myself were coming back from running errands on Friday 1/23/09. We were coming back down Kellers Church Road which is the road that runs directly behind my house when we saw two-three distinct lights in the distance. I know the time was at 5:59 pm eastern time because I had just called my friend Matt. I thought that the lights must have been a plane whose lights were pointed directly at us because they were very bright. It was also traveling in a downward motion and to the west. From our position when we saw this I estimate that the object was close to a mile or two away. I also thought it was a plane that must have been making an emergency landing or was facing an imminent crash because it was lower and brighter than any plane I had ever seen before.

So before we turned into my neighborhood we proceeded north on Kellers Church Rd. We went over a small bridge, continues, went around one bend to the left then a second to the right immediately after where Scott Road and Kellers Church Rd. meet. We continued trying to eye out the object/plane through the trees and went through a small set of woods and then there was a clearing between that small set of woods and another north. In that clearing we found ourselves to be near an unidentifiable object which I have never seen before. We were slightly to the South West of the object. It was above the treeline of the new set of woods, sitting there, hovering. It did not move in any direction at that point. It was just sitting there. I estimate it was only 150-300 ft above the treeline, which is seriously low. I have never seen any plane or object do such actions. We slowly came to a halt and we were all dumbfounded. This object appeared to be almost a diamond shape, and we were seeing it from the bottom, angled. There seemed to be a dominant light on the front (which appeared the brightest) and two light on the side of the object. Those two seemed dimmer and less dominant. The way all the lights were connected made ! the obje ct appear angular and almost diamond shaped. The car at this point was stopped. I tried to make a video using my sister's cell phone but it didn't come out. There was a distinct point, about 20-30 seconds after we were in awe looking at this object in which myself and Annie (sister to my gf) both felt as though this object/plane, whatever had noticed us and the front light that appeared to be dominant began shifting itself towards us. I freaked out and told April, my gf, to please just go. I had a sickly feeling in my stomach and I had never, ever seen anything like this. She hit the gas and we proceeded through the second set of wooded area and came out 15 seconds later. As we were traveling through the wooded area I kept watch on the object which had a bright light on what I would describe the back of it. At least as bright as the front dominant light. (these light may have appeared more dominant because there were facing us more directly than the other two had). My sister described the top of this object as having a spherical structure to it. We proceeded up the hill which lead to deep run road. We made a right and proceeded to try and follow the object, ended up being more round about of a road and by the time we came closer back to our original location, the object was gone. I could not find it in the night sky. The only object I could see in the sky were normal, blinking, red tinted planes. Planes I could identify normally. This obscure object vanished. I have no idea what happened to it, but myself and the three other people with me saw something we had never seen in our entire lives. This object furthermore had no engine sound. Annie described it as a buzzing, humming sound. After the incident I told many people and was informed of other sitings in the Bucks County Area. Please write back any inquiry or information you may have for us, or if others reported siting the same distinct object in the sky. This testimony is 100% truthful, I want to know if others saw it, if this object was on a radar, ! whatever you guys do to figure this stuff out, please let me know the details of your finding. You may contact me, ask me questions, etc. I will fully cooperate and I am intent on learning of what this was.