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Occurred : 1/30/2009 20:04 (Entered as : 01/30/09 20:04)
Reported: 1/30/2009 7:15:17 PM 19:15
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: San Marcos, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:25 minutes
object flew over me, in triangle shape with red/orange/white lights erratically moving.

I had just got off of work. The sky was bright due to the parking lot and didn't have many stars. All you could see was the crescent moon to my right and a bright star below it. I looked up momentarily and something caught my attention. It was a unique red star, it didn't look like the red of a plane. It looked more like mars but even brighter. It went right under the moon and moved towards the north. I thought it's gotta be a plane at first but as I kept watching it, I saw no flashing lights. Planes always fly over from the north and so as I was watching it a plane flew by and the object started following it. It was moving very slowly and would move subtly up and down as it went in a northern direction. Then it went more towards the west, and sort of stopped in one spot (turning into odd shapes of lights) and started coming back towards me. This is when it got weird, Instead of being one bright red light I saw 2. Then it was coming even closer, and I saw 2 red lights and an almost orange light. It was not flashing. It then turned it's shape or did something and had 3 red lights (sort of orange hue) in the shape of a triangle. It then flew slowly right over my head. I could actually see the outline of the object. It appeared to almost change shape before my eyes, but I made out a triangle. It flew over me and then went back towards the east, almost did an oval shape. At this point I was convinced this was not a plane or a helicopter. It started moving back towards the north. I was standing outside of my car with my lights on so I flashed my lights at it. It then actually came back towards me after doing this. I yelled at a co-worker to come look at it. It was changing from white to red erratically. Not flashing, just changing. Like possibly rotating or changing its shape. When I flashed my lights at it, it was pretty far away and once I yelled at the co-worker to come look it started coming back towards me, this time lower and even more over my head. After it went over our heads, it had 2 bright light wh! ites on the back. We could see the shape of it. It was triangle but had other things on it. He thought it looked like a satellite but agreed it was way too low. It then went back towards the north and I stopped watching it. We see planes fly over everyday since there is an airport close by, but this was beyond bizarre.

((NUFORC Note: Student report. PD))