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Occurred : 2/2/2009 20:00 (Entered as : 02-02-2009 20:00)
Reported: 2/3/2009 3:31:37 PM 15:31
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Celina, TX
Shape: Circle
Duration:hours ?
Large bright light in Western night sky

02-02-2009 Approximately 8pm My husband and I watched a light for about 30 minutes. It was in the Western Sky. We drove out of our small town to the west to get out of the surrounding town lights and To make sure the light was not close to town so that we could judge the size. The unknown light stayed the same. It still looked the same size as we traveled west on country roads.

Description: Large white light. At intervals very small red lights would flash.(around the edges) These red lights were so small and hard to see that I had to watch for awhile to make sure I was not seeing things. The intervals were not constant. The light would undulate, getting larger and smaller ( or brighter and dimmer?) The light did not move. The stars were out and clear. DFW airport had multiple planes flying and there were 3 helicopters that we could see in the distance. We used these to compare with the large white light. The large white light was nothing like I have ever seen. I have lived in the desert where stars are big and clear, yet I have never seen anything like this.

The light disappeared on this night at about 9:30 pm.

We have been seeing this light on and off for about 1 ½ weeks. We looked at the light with binoculars, but could only see a bright light. One night as we watched, there were a few dim blue lights. These blue lights would shoot along the middle of the white light.

This light is too high to be a part of a tower. We also have multiple towers with lights on top that we could compare. Nothing in the area looked as bright or as big as this light.

This morning, we noticed on Fox news that someone else had seen the light. We have called several news agencies in the area and no one seems to know what it is. Thought we would pass this on in case it is of interest to you. Now I wish I had a telescope!

((NUFORC Note: Probably a sighting of Venus?? PD))