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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/16/2009 19:30 (Entered as : 02/16/2009 18:30)
Reported: 2/17/2009 10:46:10 AM 10:46
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Visalia, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:30-45 minutes
It was about 7:30pm we looked into the sky (Southeast) and there was a very large bright off white light with a green tint around it. It stayed in the same spot just moving back and forth for about 30-45 minutes, then just disapeared. Kind of hovering back and forth. We kept looking at it and took some pictures, but the movie pictures just looks like a white speck moving back and forth. The movies look nothing like just looking at it with the naked eye. We thought it was a bright star, but it had green around it and it hovered back and forth. We also thought at first it was a helicopter, but it never moved. We never took our eyes off of the object, then it just disapeared. No movement at all.