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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/18/2008 18:20 (Entered as : 06/18/08 18:20)
Reported: 2/21/2009 8:56:16 AM 08:56
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Norwalk, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:20 minutes
UPDATED REPORT- 3 different objects in the sky Norwalk, CA

Here is my updated full report. By Witnesses.

At around 18:20, on June 18, 2008. While swimming in their above ground pool at 18:20 the first object seen was by Witness in the east direction of the sky. Object was shining like a chrome balloon. It was wobbling and seems to be going east from west and gaining altitude or getting smaller. Speed of object was slow in moving east. But in climbing altitude was moderate. After about 5 minutes the object could not be seen in the eastern sky. Witness and his wife reported having difficulties seeing well after that object left. They both saw white spots in their vision. And about a minute their vision was restored. The spots can be due to focusing on a small shinny object on a light blue background.

Now at about 18:30 they continue to look in the sky at an eastern direction and the first contact of the second object was his wife. His wife told him “what is that!” they both starred at the second object. The second object was moving in a straight line north and wobbling like a top making no sound what so ever. It passed through the neighborhood and that object was seen for about 2-4 seconds by Witness and his wife. They both looked at it when it went by. His wife moved up the pool stairs to see more of the object as it was moving out of sight. Witness stood there in shock and did not seen more of the second object as it moved out of his sight. The second object was seen by Witness for about 2-3 seconds. And his wife had seen the second object for 3-4 seconds. After it had passed by they did not move out of the pool. Then Witness yelled for his father-in-law but he was not home. His father in law is a UFO believer because he had a sighting in the 1950’s when he was a young boy. Of a flat black saucer shape with a top hat look, in the city of Norwalk as well. Witness yelled to his wife’s nephew in side the house for the time and it was about 18:34-35. Witness nephew is ^ years old. Witness and his wife were confused and startled. They both were confused and at first did not know what to make if it. Object 2, was flying at about 4-7 stories high. Speed is estimated at 5-25 miles per hour. The second object was about an estimate 200-700 feet away from their pool and house. Approximate size of object 2 was about 15-50 feet in diameter. The second object was traveling north from the south. The type of object was a Disc or Donut Disc Saucer shape. It looked to be round if not oval shape. The ends or corners of the Disc shape was rounded like a donut not thin like a common Saucer shape. The top was slightly rounded like a dome. The bottom was almost like a donut. With a dent or if not a hole in the middle bottom of the second object. The color was satin metallic dark silver. It had a type of shading to it lik! e if the color would get darker when it would turn or move direction. For example there is a cell phone by T-mobile that is called the Wing. It is blue metallic color but when you move the cell phone it makes its color darker. The second object was like that when it moved as it was wobbling, but a satin silver color not blue. There was no sound what so ever from object 2. The wife noticed a slight glow of red under the second object. Too ad there was no visible markings or windows on object. And I did not look like it was spinning but wobbling only.

At about 5-10 minutes after the second object was seen, another object in the sky was seen almost like the first object. A shinny chrome object in the sky wobbling. Going east from west and gaining altitude or getting smaller. And it was gone after 2- 5 minutes. Just like the first object seen at around 18:20. After that no other object was seen. Afterwards Witness father in law came home and went swimming with Witness and his wife. Witness explained to his father in law of what happened. At around 19:30 Witness and his wife got out for the pool and went inside the house and went to the second floor of their room and looked outside. And then ran outside a few minutes later in front of the house where the second object was seen. Nothing else was found that night.

All areas of measurements are estimates.

Conclusions, It was either a well advanced engineered aerospace/ U.S. spy aircraft or literally extraterrestrial ufo.