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Occurred : 2/21/2009 05:45 (Entered as : 02/21/09 5:45)
Reported: 2/21/2009 12:30:44 PM 12:30
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Toronto (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
Luminescent light above Toronto traveling east at astonishing speed.

Just got home from a late night at the casino. Quickly checked e-mails and prepared to go to bed. Still dark outside with no indication of sun rising yet.

I turned off my bedroom light and laid down on the bed, just before I closed my eyes, I saw a light in the sky. My bed is right beside the window which faces east. I have no curtains, and I live on the 17th floor of an apartment building. Mind you, I filed a report one month ago. I have to admit I have a more heightened awarness of the night sky now.

The view from my bedroom allows me to see the entire eastern night sky. To redirect attention for a second, other than the last report I filed in Late January, I have had to other sightings, one in grade eight, and the other sometime in late highschool.

My first sighting was at a religious retreat in Orangeville, Ontario (1987). All the boys slept in a large room with rows of beds either facing toward the inside wall or the outside window. My bed was facing the large lengthy window. It was approximately half an hour after the lights had been turned off (10 pm). I noticed a green glowing, saucer shaped object hovering above the tree line approximately 300 meters away. There was quite a bit of fog.

I watched it for a few seconds when I saw a beam of green light go down into the trees, that is when I woke everyone up to look at it. Most were asleep. Of the 25 classmates in the room, approximately five others witnessed it.

After about a minute, the green glowing object slowly disapated.

The second sighting occured while drving northbound on highway 404 heading toward Richmond Hill, a small town north of Toronto. This occured sometime in 1993.

I was in the back, left seat of a friends car. It was the middle of the day. I looked up and saw a clearly orange triangular shaped object maybe 1 km high. I pointed it out to my friends, but because of there position, they could not see it. The driver had to focus on the road, as well.

It hovered for 30 seconds then shot directly st! raight u p at an astonishing speed and disappeared out of site. Now back to the latest sighting. I quickly determined the light I was looking at was not a plane. There were no flashing lights, and the light was almost luminescent. The best I could describe it, as if it was floating across the sky. The light was approximately a km in the sky. I stood on my bed and watched the light, it quickly sped away at an alarming speed.

At this point I was convinced it was not a plane. From the vantage point of my bedroom window, planes normally take approximatel 10 minutes to completely disappear out of sight. This object not only sped away in less than thirty seconds, it followed an angle in the sky different from an airplane. Airplanes follow a logical direction in the sky and approach the horizon at a slow and steady speed.

This object reached 'horizon level' in under 30 seconds. Fighter planes could possibly move at those speeds, but this happened 5:45 in the morning with no sonic boom to be heard.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))