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Occurred : 2/16/2009 18:10 (Entered as : 02/16/09 18:10)
Reported: 2/24/2009 9:11:09 PM 21:11
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Knoxville, TN
Shape: Egg
Duration:20 minutes
Egg shaped Bright Light in the sky , it appeared to glow bright white but the photos taken only showed it to be red and turned to blue

On Monday evening 18:10 pm I walked outside of Baptist West Hospital ER to have a quick smoke (my wife was in the ER nothing to serious) anyway I lit up and turned around and looked up for what ever reason and at first I thought it was a star then I thought it might be the comet that was viewable that night. But,I realized I was staring dead straight into the Southern Sky. There were a few stars off to the left & then I started looking for possible planes in the sky for a reference (since we are only a couple miles form the McGhee Tyson Airport & Air National Guard Post. Their were a couple planes off to the East very high ~ So this was a very , very clear night. Now the light I saw hadn't moved but say 1000 yards from where I saw it and It was Glowing Bright White light ~ NO FLASHING NO COLORS what so ever ~ it seemed to move only in left to right and right left a couple of times in very short distances ~ I watched it for about 10 minutes and then realized what I was seeing ~ I took out my phone which has a camera and clicked 4 quick photos ~ and to my amazement two of the photos showed the light as red and one of them showed blue and one showed nothing like it wasn't there ~ About this time 2 EMT'S came out of the E.R. heading to the Ambulance and I yelled at them and asked if they could see that light in the sky ~ They were both like "WOW" what is that? Now this thing was about 2000 ft. to 3000 ft. in the air ~ I have done skydiving before and have a pretty good idea about heights , it is a guess but pretty close none the less.Neither of them had any idea what it was & they both stated that they had seen numerous Helicopters at night for pickup at accidents & at crime scenes with Police Helicopters & they both were like "That's Chopper" I continued to watch the light still only white to my eyes & theirs. It was so bright it almost hurt to look at it to long I watched for about 10 more minutes then "poof" it was gone. Nothing , it never came back and I couldn't find it anywhere in the s! ky I wen t up to the 3rd floor observatory and scanned the entire sky for 15 minutes and saw nothing except a couple small jets going in for landing at McGhee Tyson.Now I live here and we see all kinds of Military Helicopters and C130's also refueling Cargo Planes and lotsa local air traffic dailey. I'm positive that this was nothing of the sort ~ It was no Comet or Meteor ~ it wasn't a weather balloon or "Flares" THIS THING WAS THERE WE SAW IT! Thanks for your time.