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Occurred : 2/27/2009 19:10 (Entered as : 2/ 27/ 09 19:10)
Reported: 2/28/2009 4:08:46 AM 04:08
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3, 4 1/2, 5 seconds each
UFO's..... I seen over Salt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 27, 2009!!!

UFO’s over Salt Lake City Feb. 27, 2009.

(1) The first one I sighted at about 7:10 pm. It had 3 very dim lights on the bottom? The lights were in a triangle pattern moving very fast, silent and NNW direction. It appeared to be bending light around it? It was like it was invisible, like you could see though it in a way, except for the lights on it. The lights didn’t blink at all and were white in color with a very slight gray yellow tint, and was very dim and hard to see. Very stealthily, no sound at all. The bending of the light around the lights reminded me of the movie “Predator”. Like when the creature was kind of visible yet non-visible. I’m in the flight path of the Jets that come in to land at the Salt Lake City International Airport, it was about the same height of the jets that come in to land but slightly higher and just west of me. My thumb held at full arms distance would be able to cover this object. The sighting was less than 4 to 5 seconds. See the 1st sketch below (2) I’m excited to see such a thing, so I stay outside and watch the sky intently. I’m on the cell phone telling one of my friends about this sighting, he lives near Ogden City, about a 45 minute drive on the freeway. While I was telling him about the 7:10 pm sighting, I see another dim set of lights come straight towards me. Except this is Huge! It was a single row of 3 lights (dim) on a 45 degree angle. It moves straight over me with no sound at all and again in a NNW direction. The sighting was about 3 ½ seconds, In 3 ½ seconds it was gone! It was as low as the lowest jets fly that are preparing to land at the SLC Int. Airport. It appeared to be having light dimly radiating from above and around it with almost a shadow like area around it too, I could almost see a craft on one side where the row of lights was. Over towards the right was where most of the light emanated from above the thing. It was like one side of a V of lights that were visible. This thing also seemed to be bending light making it was very hard to see. If I held my arm fully extended with the palm flat against it still would not fully be able to cover this object. Like I said earlier it was huge! The time was about 8:30 pm. I had binoculars around my neck but was so dumb founded at this object I didn’t even think of the binoculars or of the camera in my pocket, plus it was so fast! See the 2nd sketch below (3) I’m still outside watching the sky’s (8:45pm). My neighbor comes home and see’s me outside with a coat, hat, gloves and binoculars. With a puzzled look come over and asked me what I’m doing. I tell her and she starts asking me where I seen the object etc. So I’m telling her and all of a sudden I see another object barely visible in a sense and very high traveling in a NNW direction. I immediately remember my binoculars this time and quickly find this object in my 10x50 power binoculars. It was like a flying wing with about 9 round lights forming a slight V formation. It was fast and silent. The sighting was about 4 seconds long. Her eyes were better than mine. I asked what she saw and she also saw a triangle pattern of lights. I can’t say that I could see much more than the lights. But it did appear to be dark between the area of the lights in the form of a wing type V pattern. We also noticed it had no sound what so ever. See the 3rd sketch below (4) It’s cold out and I’m still out watching the sky, 3 in one night! What’s going on! Anyway it’s about 11:00 pm now, I’m in my back yard now, earlier I was in the driveway. I’m looking to the south. All of a sudden I see a dimly visible row of lights in a slight V pattern but yet almost straight across. It’s coming fast and low about the same height of the jets that come in to land at the airport. I quickly view this with my binoculars. I’m shocked! It’s not one thing, it’s a group of white triangle’s. They were moving in a, a moving formation 15 to 17 of them in triangle formations in each triangle pattern the lead one would drop back to the rear and then move back to the front again, this was happening in unison along this formation line, from one side to the other(One triangle of formation with one in between the next triangle formation with one on each side of the triangle formation. They changed pattern about 4 times). It was very strange and puzzling. It also reminded me of birds in flight but different too. The sighting was no more than 4 ½ seconds. I would guess each craft was a little bigger than a small airplane. They had no lights on them but had a white glow to them with a Ripley effect around them. They were not bright at all, dim yet very solid looking triangles. They were a perfect triangle shape with a slight V notched out the back edge of them. They were silent and fast moving in a NNW direction. They went right over me. I stared at them intently with my binoculars. The width of the formation was wider than the palm of my hand flatly held out at arm’s length. Please see the 4th sketch below. I stayed outside until about 1:15 am, I didn’t see anything else peculiar.

All of this in one night! I will never forget this night! I tried to attach my sketches but it didn't let me here, sorry.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))