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Occurred : 1/20/2009 23:23 (Entered as : 01202009 23:23)
Reported: 2/28/2009 9:50:05 AM 09:50
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Okeechobee, FL
Duration:2 minutes
Huge-bright light in sky, subdues in a ball-like object hovering 1000 feet above my neighbors rooftop...

On January 20th 2009, two other friends and I witnessed a UFO. My friends and I were sitting in my car in the parking area in front of my apartment. My car was parked so that I was facing the road and the whole entire sky above it. It was a remarkably dark night, as we had just made a joke about it because we could barely see each other and we were sitting so close to one another. Then , out of nowhere, it seems like the entire sky lights up. This massive bright light is all you can see. I had no problem at this point looking around the car and being able to see all the rather shocked faces. And then the light subdues but into this ball-like object that seems to be hovering about 1000 feet from my neighbors rooftop, never losing that intense light. It stays there just about long enough for you to say “What in the world?.. and then it just shoots of into the sky. I looked at the clock right after and it was 11:11pm. I didn’t call the police, thinking they would most likely just think we were all crazy. I did happen to be watching a program on t.v. and heard about this reporting center. This is my honest report.