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Occurred : 3/5/2009 20:05 (Entered as : 3-5-2009 20:05)
Reported: 3/6/2009 3:36:37 PM 15:36
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: West Valley City, UT
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 minutes
Objects hovering near and above Salt Lake City and other one flying in zig zag pattern

After 4 sightings Feb. 27th , 2009, I have been out most every evening except for Wednesday, because it snowed. So I’ve been out every evening with binoculars looking for UFO’s or whatever they are. So five days have pasted and I have not saw anything else. On the sixth day after my first sightings it is Thursday night, March 5th , 2009. I have 3 sighting that were note worthy. These objects were not at all like the objects in my first sightings on Feb. 27th, 2009.

(1) March 5th, 2009 in the evening about 8:05 I spotted 2 odd bright white lights close together above the mountain range NNE of down town Salt Lake City. I didn’t recall ever seeing any lights here before so I watched them. About 8:15pm an airplane flew near these 2 lights and over the mountain range, so I decided to watch the plane. The airplane was flying across the valley from the east and heading west. Because of this I spotted an object with my 10x50 binoculars while I was watching this jet fly over the valley from east to west. The object I spotted was coming from the north west and heading south east ward and just a little lower than the airplane. The object was a small dim light with a slight amber color to it. It flew close and under the airplane and then arced up and stopped at about the height that the airplane was. It stay at that spot for about 3 seconds. Then the object moved north a very short distance before stopping again. During this very short movement towards the north I could see 2 circles of lights on the bottom with one light in the center. The lights were white in color, one circle of lights with a smaller circle of lights inside that circle and inside the inner circle was the light in the center.(The object was mainly visibly clear with my binoculars and too far away to bother with photographing it.) The object was fairly high up and hard to get any real detail once it stopped and hovered. At this time I could only see that it had a cluster of lights on the bottom of it. It hovered there for 20 minutes before it flew north and disappeared at about 8:35pm. While I was watching this object, at times I would put the binocular down and give my arms a rest. It was during these periods of resting that I would check out the 2 lights that were close together but never moved. (This sighting is pictured in the northern west area of the map picture with the white line showing its flight path. In the “V” of this line is where it hovered for about 20 minutes.) I am viewing this sighting jus! t south of the red dot marking where West Valley City is on the map.

(2) The other object that I first saw (8:05pm) was the two odd bright white lights that were side by side and a little above the mountains (NNE of Salt Lake City). I had not ever seen anything bright there before and this was about 8:05pm when I first became aware of this. I felt that it didn’t belong there. I watched it off and on with the binoculars, it never moved at all. It was during this that I saw an airplane flying near these 2 lights and decided to watch it fly across the valley and if not for this I would have not saw the sighting I first described. During about a 4 minute period of time while I was watching it, to my surprise, it took off and headed west and then sharply turned north. It didn’t appear to bank at all during this turn. Shortly after I saw it moving north I could see other lights on it and after a short distance a few of the lights began blinking. Soon it was out of my view. ( 8:20pm) The lights were mostly white and one red light. It flew away at a normal speed similar to a regular aircraft? It was at a good distance and I didn’t bother with trying photograph it. It would have only been another unknown light with no way to identify it. (On the map picture of Salt Lake City in the area NNE on the edge of the mountain range is a red line that goes northward. The start of this red line NNE of Salt Lake City is where it hovered for several minutes before flying north ward) I am viewing this sighting just south of the red dot marking where West Valley City is on the map.

(3) Later near where I spotted had saw the 2 odd bright lights hovering above the mountain range NNE of Salt Lake City, but north of this area. I panned across this area with my binoculars and I saw a multiple colored light darting back and forth, up and down at times. It mainly zig zagging up and down in “Z” pattern laid on its side! It moved in this jerky fashion as it traveled south ward across and near the mountain tops. At times it was higher than the snow topped mountains under it and other times it was lower than the tops of the mountain. The multiple colored light was only visible with my binoculars. The colors were white, green, red and blue, I didn’t see any of the lights blinking. At times the colors were very sharp and vivid. It kind of reminded me of a buttery flittering about. (9:40 pm) The sighting was about a ½ a minute in duration. I don’t understand why anything would be so erratic in flight. (On the map picture is a squiggle greenish line just north of where the red line starts. This is about where it was sighted moving south ward.) I am viewing this sighting just south of the red dot marking where West Valley City is on the map.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))