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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/5/1975 18:31 (Entered as : 08/05/75 18:31)
Reported: 3/9/2009 7:51:58 AM 07:51
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Richmond, VA
Shape: Egg
Duration:5 minutes
On August 5, 1975, at 6:31 P.M., while I was riding a bicycle, I stopped, along with my friend to watch a beautiful UFO. It was undergoing some changes in function. It was generating brownish-gray smoke back and forth among chambers/holes on its surface. The holes were about 12 inches in diameter each and formed a matrix (grid) pattern spaced 2 feet apart. In the first instance viewing the holes, there were about 25 holes (secont time: 20 holes, third time 9 holes). The craft was semi-egg-shaped, but perfectly oval, not irregular shaped not smallish on one end as with an actual egg). It was about 250 feet long and 150 feet in diameter, about the size of eight houses. It was at first about one-half mile high distant from me, and later moved on about a mile. It seemed very close and very plainly visible to me. It was travelling at the speed of about 20 mile per hour. The smoke was being transferred from each chamber hole to each other chamber hole (as if trying to hide the whole craft maybe, or to generate the propelling system function).

A fine cloud or mist of semi-frozen gas, like frozen carbon monoxide or frozen oxygen, nitrogen, helium, amonia, hazy neon, or other gas covered most of the craft, but would be partly covering at an area of one percent of its total surface for one minute while the rest was covered. The uncovered surface measured about 50 feet in diameter on the first uncovering and 40 feet in diameter on the second uncovering. The third uncovering (each uncovering was actually a clearing and diminishing of the misty gas which hid that particular area)was much smaller around 15 feet in diameter. While the partly covered area was visible, I could clearly see the functionality of the craft and watch it while it underwent changes in the skin covering (part of the function of the propelling or the disguise, possibly both a propelling and a disguise). I was aware that I should stare and focus because I knew that it was an important event I was watching. If I had had a picture camera or video camera I would have had an opportunity to capture very intensly important images of the craft and its peculiarities. As I watched for about 4 minutes the craft moved over the intersection at Broad Rock Road and continued travelling but got very fast and left a white cirrus cloud as it went very quickly away. This was a very clear warm day, sunny, with some cirrus clouds around the area of the sky. The sky was blue. The temperature of the air was about 90 degrees fahrenheit. The object left a trail but not necessarily a trail that it had generated, but a cirrus cloud which might have existed with or without the craft. The clouds of smoke of which I have alluded to seemed to be generated for the purpose of causing the craft to be visible or invisible at will as if the craft could manifest itself at will. Or, possibly the craft was absorbing the earth-born water clouds for fuel of some other purpose. I include my personal opinions because I think that my observations are inter-related with the experience, but not in the sense that I creat! ed the e vent in my own mind. I actually saw these things.