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Occurred : 3/14/2009 19:30 (Entered as : 03/14/09 19:30)
Reported: 3/15/2009 9:05:39 AM 09:05
Posted: 3/19/2009
Location: Romeo, MI
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
Observed low altitude disk and tri-disk shaped object with patterned halo

At approximately 19:30 on Saturday, March 14, I observed the following:
Observers Location: Latitude 42.80 Longitude -83.01
Weather Conditions Temp 33.8 °F Humidity: 70% Visibility: 12.0 miles Wind Dir: SSE Wind Speed: 4.6 mph - Conditions: Partly Cloudy UFO(s) Shape(s) Craft 1 is circular all surfaces rounded, bottom slightly crowned surface, top cone shaped, no discernible lighting or markings Craft 2 comprised of three smaller versions of craft 1 bound together UFO(s) Speed Approximate estimate 120 knots (222 km/h) UFO(s) Altitude Approximate estimate 2000ft – 4000ft UFO(s) Direction Track: from South to North UFO(s) Color Both craft light grey metallic Larger disk has distinct darker grey band around circumference UFO(s) Sound Silent – no detectable sound Unexplainable Halo Each craft was surrounded by a translucent halo that distorted the light and atmosphere directly enveloping the craft. This band of distortion was ordered and not random (like heat waves), a distinct pattern was present in the halo. The ripples and waves of this translucent halo gave the appearance of emanating from the craft.

While sitting outside casually observing the clear sky and evening sunshine. I first observed the objects in the southern sky at a low declination. Within the span of a second, it was clear to me the craft to did not fit any definitive criterion known aeronautical craft.

As a engineer with extensive aviation experience and knowledge, I have a larger than normal list of criteria. Without an explanation for the speed, altitude, shape, and ballistics demonstrated by the craft I was observing I was naturally riveted.

As the objects approached toward my observation point, more detail became clear. I could at this point clearly make out precise shape, color, and the above stated characteristics. Of particular amazement to me was the transparent halo around each craft.

I watched the craft travel to the north as long could observe them, which was less than a minute. Having already calculated the approximate speed I knew any effort to retrieve a camera would have been futile.

I witnessed this alone and have no one to corroborate these events. I am a professional engineer with 24 years experience. I am currently in fine health. Weather balloons do not travel at 3000ft and 120 knots against the wind.