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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/20/2009 21:00 (Entered as : 03/20/2009 21:00)
Reported: 3/21/2009 6:46:13 PM 18:46
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Formation
Duration:2 hours
Formation activity over Seattle, persistant strange lights.

On the night of March 20, 2009 in Seattle, Washington I sat with my husband smoking a cigarette on our porch looking up at the sky. I noticed a bright light moving fairly quick, flying much higher than an airplane. I told my husband to take a look at it and he mentioned that it was probably a satellite, although it was much too low and moving much too fast to be a satellite. We watched it move east, and my husband then decided it was a high flying airplane, but then we noticed it move in front of a low altitude cloud. Meanwhile a descending airplane flew south above us and when the strange light intersected the path of the airplane it stopped and then quickly shot off to the west.

When we came back out an hour later, the temperature had dropped significantly and I had become nauseous and my husband began to shake. We noticed that there was a lot of movement up above, lights flying past quickly, as well as several much brighter shifting lights in triangular formations. There were multiple sets of these formations. These were not stars because the lights that seemed to be hovering were not covered by passing clouds. My husband describes witnessing several lights emitting other, lesser lights. They did this in such a way that it seemed they were arching out of the bright light in symmetry. This seemed to be happening around, inside, and above faint clouds.

We both thought these clouds were strange. The clouds seemed teaming with activity. Some lights just hovered in one spot, some would rock back and forth, other would rise softly and drop dramatically, sweeping away into the horizon, much like the very first light we saw.

All these lights moved gracefully and moved at incredibly fast rates. We also noticed that some of these lights seemed to shake softly, in the way a pen would move across paper while writing. We kept watching this, and the activity never seemed to let up. We became colder and more nauseated and had to go back inside. Once inside, we felt drained of our energy and fell asleep quickly in all our clothes, and slept uninterrupted for the next 10 hours.