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Occurred : 3/21/2009 20:30 (Entered as : 03/21/09 20:30)
Reported: 3/26/2009 8:32:19 PM 20:32
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: McMurray, PA
Shape: Changing
Duration:approx 35 min
03/21/09 Four lights circling approx 6 stories high in residential are, unattached to one another or other object.

March 21, 2009. Approx. 8:30 pm EST in McMurray, PA 15317. Overcast.

Drove out of driveway and noticed 4 lights in the sky that were revolving in a large circle. Initially thought someone was having a party with strobe lights, but the temp was only about 50 degrees F. and there was no party outside. The four lights were revolving in a circular pattern parallel to the ground, but not obviously attached to one another. Sometimes two would join and revolve together while the other two continued the revolutions. They were rarely perfectly symmetrical from one another revolving in a circle like shape. Each orb was approximately 4’ in diameter.

As I continued to drive slowly down our road the lights remained and moved ahead of me on the left side of the road over the houses and were approx. 5-6 stories high. Before I got to the main road I wanted to find out what would happen if I stopped. I turned off the car and radio and lights after opening the window to determine if I could hear anything. The four lights/orbs remained in place circling above the houses near the end of my street – where I had stopped. A few cars entered our subdivision and left it during the approx. 15 minutes I sat watching the lights, but the lights never varied or went away.

I had to go to CVS to get medication for my husband and decided that I couldn’t wait any longer. Started the car, went to the stop light and crossed to go south on Rt. 19. The lights crossed ahead of me and were now on the right side of the road. Due to lots of streetlights and business lights on Rt. 19 I was unable to see where the lights were and thought they might have disappeared. When I arrived at CVS about 1 mile from home, the four orbs now were circling over the rear of CVS.

I went inside, made my purchase and returned to my car – the orbs were still there circling. I was tempted to call someone from CVS out to see the lights, but wanted to keep it to myself because it was so fascinating. I returned home and could not see the lights on the return drive until I got to our subdivision again. Again the lights were on the right side of the street (where they originally were when I went out). When I pulled in my driveway I called my husband outside. All I did was point to the sky and ask him what he saw. He saw lights spinning and there were four.

By now it was about 8:55 pm/20:55 and I wanted to find out if I could get any closer to the lights so walked toward my neighbors’ houses where the lights were. They revolved in a clockwise messy circle (not attached to anything and not particularly round) and retained a constant speed. I could not determine the exact color, but they weren’t bright enough to be white so I thought perhaps bright blue or green. As I watched them and the clouds started to clear, I noticed that as a light/orb passed through clear sky, it virtually disappeared and reappeared once behind cloud cover. There was no light on the ground (no flashlight effect) from them. The color may have been blue since disappeared when passing through dark blue evening sky.

As I moved forward down our street toward the lights, they moved forward as well and appeared to keep a distance of two house lots between me and them. The clouds were breaking up and the lights disappeared more frequently with clear sky. I went inside at about 9:05 to check on my husband and when I came back out at 9:15, the sky was clear and there was no sign of the lights. Unfortunately I never thought to get my camera.

((NUFORC Note: Advertising lights?? PD))