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Occurred : 3/27/2009 05:30 (Entered as : 03/27/09 5:30)
Reported: 3/29/2009 6:09:49 AM 06:09
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Maple Shade, NJ
Shape: Unknown
Duration:2 minutes
At 5:30 am on March 27th 2009 I was standing in my yard when all of a sudden a bright light appeared overhead and slightly to the south. It was stationery and looked to be about the size and brightness of Venus as seen in the night sky. It’s difficult to say exactly what to place next but the light which did not have a beam pointing to the ground that I could see began to diminish in brightness or rotate forward into the direction that it was about to travel. Once the light was gone what I could now see was what appeared to be a light that you would see on the underside of an aircraft. The craft (in was an airplane) was about 30 to 40 thousand feet in elevation and began moving south and roughly in the direction of the Philadelphia International Airport. I was not able to visually track the craft across the sky as one could normally do because the object was ascending rapidly as it moved forward. Within one minute the light diminished in size so much that I could no longer see it. Very strange behavior for a conventional aircraft.

((NUFORC Note; ISS?? PD))