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Occurred : 7/5/2008 15:37 (Entered as : 07/05/08 15:37)
Reported: 3/31/2009 8:40:10 AM 08:40
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Canton, MI
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 minutes
I am posting this ufo report now because I felt that I would not be believed at the time I witnessed it and for the simple fact that I wanted to research it furthermore before posting. In addition, I had posted a previous ufo report on 7-21-07; this was under the same circumstances and was titled on this web site “THE OBSERVANT SPHERE”. This sighting, however, was no sphere and I will try to describe it to the best of my ability and maybe throw in my own judgment to what it was.

The date was 7-05-08 and I was, again, at my apartment pool in Canton Michigan; I was in the pool itself floating looking up towards the sky. At first I was just looking at this hawk circling over head, watching it closely then something reflective caught my eye. At that instant I stood up in the pool and rubbed my eyes to make sure that water was not causing me to see things then I peered up again and noticed that the object had become more visible. I turned to this really attractive young woman and asked her if she could see what I saw. At first she said “yea I see that bird”, and then I said “no… look higher” and she gasps saying “oh yea….what is that?” At this point I realized I was not delusional from drinking heavily the day before. Also at this point I noticed everyone at the pool starting to look up as well and I looked back up to view the object and noticed this: it started out stationary over I-275 and Ford road, as a silvery twinkle and slowly turned into a silvery doughnut shaped liquidly fluid like structure that seemed to reflect light very well. At about a minute and thirty seconds past the first observance, the object started to rotate sideways until it became a twinkle again and vanished.

I have reported ufo’s before but this was by far the strangest and most impressive. After the sighting I ran back to my apartment and told my fiancé of what I had just witnessed and she believed me but my gut instinct was to research this a little more and wait for others to report it before making my own report. I thought it was possible that it was unique weather phenomenon but after searching the web and Utube for doughnut ufo’s, I came to the conclusion that it was genuine. I believe that what I observed was just the tip of the iceberg and that what ever I saw was somehow distorted by either its means of propulsion ”gravity?” or by its cloaking device. I also believe that this is a repeated pattern and that there will be something in the skies above Ford road and I-275 sometime in July of 2009 probably around the time of 15:00-16:00 hrs, hopefully or I’m going to look bad. Maybe this year I will take my video camera to the pool, but that might look creepy.

Thanks for your time