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Occurred : 3/23/2009 10:30 (Entered as : 03/23/09 10:30)
Reported: 4/6/2009 12:11:47 PM 12:11
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: South Zanesville, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 sec
Looked like end of a Q-Tip, beachball sized object appeared from north to south, daytime, color matched cloud horizon, 80mph at 60'.

I am a fifty-six year old male and I’ve debated about reporting this event for several days. A friend of mine is a believer and he encouraged me to tell you about what happened last Monday. My son and I were working on the exterior of one of our customer’s buildings. My son was on the roof at the northeast corner and I was on the ground looking up at his position. It was a beautiful day with bright blue skies and wispy clouds at the horizon. I was observing all the planes that were in the sky above us and was amazed how many there were at that time. The contrails were long and well defined. As I was watching the planes and keeping an eye on my son I noticed an object coming into to my line of sight from my left. It was traveling from my north to the south, directly behind the building we were working on, at about 60 to 80 feet above the ground. When I first focused on the object to determine what I was seeing, I dismissed a bird because there were no wings, no head, no movement a bird normally makes when it flies, ie; beating wings, up and down pattern as the a bird raises and lowers it’s wings in flight darting back and forth, etc. Was it a radio controlled plane? No. Then I really started to focus, because this was making me uncomfortable. I yelled at my son so he could verify what I was witnessing. He did not acknowledge me. He was busy. I really yelled his name again and he raised his head in frustration. What! He yelled back. Look! Look! Look!, I said. Did you see that? I said to him. See What?, he asked. That thing that just went behind the building in the sky. No!, he said. See what, Dad? I paused for a moment, not believing what I had seen and that no one would ever believe what I saw.

Well, here comes the important part. Details of what I saw last Monday. There was a railroad track behind the building and the object was following the tracks or at least it seemed to be. This, whatever it was, was about 60 to 80 feet above the ground and traveling at about 80 miles per hour. It was small, about the size of a beachball. (Not sure because things don’t look as big when they’re elevated that high.) With my first description, to my son, I thought it was the size of a bowling ball and white in color. After I replayed this sighting in my mind I changed that description. It looked like the end of a Q-Tip. It was almost fuzzy and the color matched the clouds in the horizon. The only reason I saw it was I was looking up and the blue skies allowed me to spot it. If I had been on the same plane with the object it would have blended into the clouds in the horizon. One of the more interesting things to me was that it was traveling as if it were on a rail. It never varied in it’s path. It never ascended or descended. I’ve never seen anything that didn’t vary a bit one way or the other. Anyway, I watched the object until it blended into the clouds in the horizon at about ½ mile to the south of my location. The fuzziness that surrounded the object seemed to be consistent. It didn’t change or pulse.