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Occurred : 7/12/2008 08:00 (Entered as : 07/12/08 8:00)
Reported: 4/14/2009 1:12:07 PM 13:12
Posted: 4/14/2009
Location: Ontonagon, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:80 minutes
first an orb and then a triangle 20 minutes apart.

Well my mother and I were looking out my side window, when my mother saw the first object it was an orb and it was flashing lots of colors. We watched it for a good while, and it started moving up, down, left, right and then it made snake like movements. After probable about 45 min. of watching my mom wanted to go lay down in the living room. We watched T.V. for a little while, but I wanted to go see if it was still there, so I went back in to the bedroom and looked out the window, and it was still there.

I watched it for a little while longer and it slowly made its way behind the trees across the highway. For some reason my eyes moved to the big dipper in the sky you could see it perfectly out that side window. As I was watching I noticed a very dull star at the very end of the big dippers handle. I thought to myself what is that? That shouldn’t be there and then all the sudden it shot from where I saw it. It was so fast and bright. When I first seen it come out of the sky it was so bright and then it dimmed down and I could really see it was a triangle . The whole thing was glowing. It came so fast from that spot it left two trails behind it. To me it looked like something straight out of Star Trek and it scared me. I almost thought it was an asteroid. It came to a complete stop turned to the north and slowly moved away. I was in complete shock. I tried hollering for my mom while this was going on but no sound would come out of my mouth. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It was the most alien light I had ever seen in my life, and I will probably never see it again. I don’t know what I saw but I’ve never seen anything like it ever . I don’t think anyone has.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))