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Occurred : 7/1/1999 19:00 (Entered as : 07/1999 19:00)
Reported: 5/21/2009 9:06:15 PM 21:06
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: Dannemora, NY
Shape: Unknown
Duration:an hour (?)
Bright orange ball moves slowly over Chazy Lake, then vanishes over trees.

In July of 1999, my ex-husband (at the time my fiancé), his father, and myself decided to take a fishing trip to a nearby lake. We packed up and left at about five in the afternoon and went to get bait and snacks, then proceeded to our favorite fishing spot. When we got there we unpacked and walked over to a culvert and sat down. My ex was on my left, his father on my right, leaving me in the middle. The fish were biting good until around dusk. Then suddenly it got real weird. The birds stopped chirping, the crickets and frogs were quiet, and the fish stopped biting. My ex’s father looked at his watch and it was a little past 7 pm.

Suddenly from the left side of the lake from behind the trees we ALL saw a bright huge ball of orange light. There was only the one ball of light. It was about 200 feet off the water moving really REALLY slow. It kept at a steady pace though. It was not quite in the middle of the lake but at times seemed more towards us and at other times more towards the other bank. I could see the reflection of it off the lake also. It light up the area around it but nothing more. It was like it got a little brighter in the area. The other thing that I noticed was it didn’t make one single sound. Nothing, not even a low rumble. I remember thinking why isn’t this thing making any noise also. The air got really thick as well. It was like it was slightly harder to breathe but there wasn’t any smell in the air either. The other bank I would guess is only about a football field length away at the point we were at. On the other side of the lake are mountains that go straight up. It kept going until it was a little past my ex’s father and then made a sharp hook and came back the way it came.

I jumped up and watched it slowly go back the way it came until it disappeared behind the tree line on my left side. When I looked back at my ex’s father, we all noticed at the same time that it was very VERY dark out. My ex’s father looked at his watch and noticed that it was well past 9 pm. It seemed to only take a few minutes for the thing to move across the lake and back. I freaked out and was really scared and couldn’t figure out where all the time went to. We packed up quickly and ran to the car. We threw our things in the trunk and I sped back to our house.

I remember both on the ride home and when we got in the house talking about what we saw. We all agreed that we saw the same thing but we couldn’t agree on the color. I KNOW I say orange but my ex’s father is insistent that he saw a big white ball. Needless to say even though I am remarried, to this day, I REFUSE to go back to that spot. I have never told anyone but very FEW personal friends what I saw that night and I know to this day it did NOT take two hours for that thing to move across the lake like that!!

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))