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Occurred : 6/1/2009 23:00 (Entered as : 06/01/09 23:00)
Reported: 6/2/2009 10:08:56 AM 10:08
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:10 min
Saw 4-5 bright lights in sky zigzagging up/down and side to side in an extremely fast manner in San Antonio, TX at approx 12:45 am

A friend and I were meeting at a parking lot where I was to give her some items after she got off work. The place we were meeting at was for me a former work place , but one that my friend still works at during the day; the parking lot of the Santiko Embassy theater located off of Bitters Rd near Hwy 281 in San Antonio TX (this location is about a half a mile or less from the San Antonio airport). The movies had finished and I believe the only cars left were those of the employees still inside.

We were standing at our cars just talking when I turned from facing south to the east, and as I looked at the sky I saw lights; as we are near the airport didn’t think anything of it as I just assumed it was one of many planes that fly in and out all hours of the day. But within what seemed less than a second the light zigzagged not only up and down, but sideways as well. My first thought was “what the heck”, second thought “helicopter”, third thought, “hell no they don’t move like that”, then I saw that there was more than one light. It was partially cloudy and the lights would disappear and appear depending on if they were behind a cloud or not. Because they did not all disappear and appear around the clouds at the same time it was hard to say if there was more than 4 lights or not. I was not able to judge the distance or height but it appeared to be higher than the landing or takeoff height of the planes around the area of the airport. Trying to be logical about what I was seeing I then assumed they were doing something at the airport or at least in the vicinity of the airport, something like floodlights; but to the best of my ability during a cloudy sky flood lights appear to shine off the clouds and of course have a trail of light to lead you to their location, not disappear behind the clouds without once showing a trail of light. Understand that this all took less than a minute while I was just staring at lights; meanwhile my girlfriend (who was facing north towards me) was still talking. I then shouted out, “did you see that”, and of course she said “what”. I pointed up to the area where there was now nothing to see as they appeared to have gone behind the clouds; she again said what when suddenly one then 3 or more appeared and were zigzagging all over that one area. I again asked if she “saw that” and she replied “yes”, and asked her what she thought they were planes or helicopters, she said no way, they don’t move that way or that fast. We just kept watching them zigzag extremely fas! t in and out of the clouds but always in the same area. I thought maybe lights from the planes, but that didn’t make sense as they don’t move that fast or zigzag up and down. We watched for several minutes and talking excitedly about we thought we might be watching and at this time I checked the time and it was 12:48; I believe I first saw the lights at 12:45 and then my friend said “this is just to weird I’m leaving”, by this time I myself was getting scared and said “me too”. Neither of us had a camera; her cell phone had previously be damaged and the screen would only show black, I had a new phone and don’t know how to use it yet but to be honest didn’t even think about it. Since I only first noticed the lights at 12:45am and stopped watching at 12:55am I have no idea how long they might have actually been visible.

At approximately 12:54 I was driving off, went to hwy 281 and headed north towards hill country where I live 3-4 miles outside the city limits on a bluff overlooking the area both south towards Johnson City and north towards the airport and town. As soon as I got home I went to the highest point near my home to look at the sky but saw nothing but sky, stars, clouds and the lights from the planes flying overhead. By this time it was about 1:20 and as I tried to calm down and think of what I should do I went onto my computer and went to white pages where I looked up numbers for the airport and non-emergency Bexar County police. I got in touch with the airport police and asked them if they were doing anything with lights at the airport which they responded no and asked them if anyone had reported seeing lights. I explained what I saw and he said no one had called, took my name and we said good night. At least he asked me my name and thanked me for calling, that he would check around, the Bexar county policewoman who took my call asked me nothing, just listened said no when I asked if anyone else had called then thanks for calling and we hung up. I’m still excited about what I saw and unless someone can tell me that there was some kind of light show going on at this time of the night on a Monday or anything in the least bit believable, I will always believe I saw UFO’s; but they’d have to be pretty convincing, since as I said there was no normal cloud effects with these lights, just extremely fast zigzagging in and out of them.

This morning I got up with the knowledge that I was going to call someone else and report what I saw so I went on line an entered “UFO Sightings” and got you, next I’m going to enter FAA and see if there is a number I can call.

I’m not crazy and in fact worked for 15 years with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority before retiring early and moving to San Antonio. Please somebody tell me something.