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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/1/2006 23:00 (Entered as : 01/01/06 23:00)
Reported: 6/7/2009 1:50:36 PM 13:50
Posted: 6/9/2009
Location: San Antonio/Laredo (between), TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1: 45 minutes
Three separate sightins which ocurred in rural south Texas between 01/01/03 and 03/01/09.

I have lived in various towns South Texas since 1999. Since 2004, I have worked outdoors most if this time, mostly at night with minimal light pollution from large cities. I have three separate sightings to report with no specific dates, regrettably. All I cab say is that the first sighting occurred after 01/01/06 before 2007. The second sighting occurred between 01/03/09 and 02/20/09. The third sighting occurred between 04/01/09 and 05/15/09. The first two sightings occurred while I was working. The last sighting occurred during my off time. I will recount my experiences here.

All three sightings occurred in the rural Texas landscape in between Del Rio, Texas to the west, San Antonio, Texas to the north, Corpus Christi, Texas to the east and Laredo, Texas to the south. In between these four cities are smaller, rurally populated towns. Outside of the towns are millions of acres of privately owned ranch land that is inaccessible to few consisting of ranch owners, their families, hunters and in areas closer to the Mexican border, the U.S. Border Patrol.

I’d like to emphasize that this area in between the aforementioned cities is sparsely populated and dominated by private land. Also, after I had observed the objects in all three sightings, I believed the aircraft to be military. The cities of Del Rio and San Antonio have Air Force installations. The city of Corpus Christi has a Naval Air Station. There is also a bombing range approximately 30 to 40 miles east of Cotulla, Texas on Farm to Market Road (FM) 624.

I will report these observations as clearly and accurately as I can, devoid of any opinion or speculation. I did mention earlier that I believed these objects to be military, but that’s based on the fact that these events occurred within the triangle of those installations where there are several remote miles to operate in without many eyewitness accounts.

FIRST SIGHTING: I was with a coworker traveling westbound on the FM Road 133 which connects Artesia Wells, Texas (LaSalle County) to Catarina, Texas (County). Both towns are sparsely populated and are surrounded by dense brush for several miles. Artesia Wells is a town of probably 20 that is approximately 50 miles north of Laredo, Texas, outside of it’s city limits and maybe 90 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas. Artesia Wells is on IH-35 in a heavily traveled stretch of highway that is relatively clo0se to the Mexican border.

FM 133 is maybe 15 to 20 miles long and only runs from Artesia Wells to Catarina. There are no tons in between Artesia Wells and Catarina. Catarina has a population of maybe 50 or more, if not less.

I am not certain as to the time of year, and do not want to speculate. I do remember that I initially observed the object approximately 10 miles west of Catarina and thought that it was a low flying aircraft. This was about 45 minutes before sunset. Approximately 5 miles outside of Catarina, both my coworker and commented that the aircraft did not appear to be moving. The object was several miles west of the FM 133 and Highway 83 intersection just south of Catarina.

The object appeared to be black in color, triangular shaped with no lights or visible markings. The object did not make any sounds that I could hear. Also, the object appeared to be hovering. The object’s hover was not consistent with that of a helicopter in that a helicopter moves up and down and side to side as it hovers. This object appeared to be perfectly still. I did not notice and type of exhaust emitting from the vehicle.

My coworker and I attempted to get as close as we could to the object via dirt roads. The dirt roads we were on took us due south and not west. The object appeared to be hovering over brush. From my position, I couldn’t identify any land monuments to pinpoint the object’s location. There were only trees and plants below the object. I still would like to say that my coworker and I were still around about 10 miles or so from the object.

We watched the object until the sun set. The object remained stationary for the duration. My coworker and I attempted to get the object’s attention by pointing flashlights at it and using flashing lights while we were stationary.

At sun set, the object became impossible to see with the naked eye. I used night vision goggles to view the object. With very little sub light being used as a light source, I could clearly see the object at the same location, still stationary. My coworker observed the object through the night vision equipment as well.

It was at this time that we left the area. The object was not visible after sun set. The object did not appear to have any lights.

SECOND SIGHTING: I was working alone near the Artesia Wells area between the hours of 2200 and 0100 hours when I observed lights in the sky. I was traveling westbound on a rural ranch road one mile south of Artesia Wells and approximately one mile from IH-35 when I first saw a bright light in the sky.

On this night, the sky was clear and there did not appear to be any clouds in the sky. I was I was traveling westbound, a bright light that I can best describe as resembling a headlight caught my eye. The light was very bright and flashed on and off before disappearing. There appeared to be lights north of this light’s location; these lights seemed relatively close to the first light.

I observed the very bright “headlight” and the others for only a couple of seconds. I continued traveling west until I reached IH-35. I parked my vehicle, got out and attempted to signal the area where I observed the light with my flashlight.

I was at the intersection of IH-35 and FM 133 when I attempted to signal this light. At this point the light was not visible. I scanned the sky and observed a high flying aircraft that could have been a plane. This object was traveling southbound on the east side of IH-35 but crossed over IH-35 traveling westbound. Shortly after crossing over, the object began to travel north. It took the object between 8-12 minutes before it disappeared out of sight due to distance. Another aircraft appeared to be several miles behind it.

I turned my attention back to the west sky where I observed three high hovering objects. These objects appeared to be in a triangular formation. I could not make out any shapes or sizes. The lights on these objects appeared to be consistent with conventional aircraft. They omitted a white beacon every couple of seconds or so. These objects did not appear to have the typical red port side light or green starboard side light that many aircraft and vessels have. They remained stationary for several minutes, flashing.

I attempted to signal these objects as well, to no avail.

To characterize the initial object, I’d say it was about the size of a military flare. I did not emit smoke and a shadow like military flares and did not appear to be descending under a parachute like a military flare. It is best described as a single vehicle headlight in the sky. This object was not a radio or cell phone tower light and was not a vehicle. It was too high in the sky to be mistaken for vehicle.

This entire experience lasted about 30 minutes.

THIRD SIGHTING: On this particular evening, I was traveling home from a shopping trip in Laredo, Texas with my family when my daughter, my wife and I observed an object in the sky. I was at about the 27 mile marker of IH-35, two miles south of the Border Patrol checkpoint when I observed 4 to 5 bright lights, lined up within three to four times their width from each other. These objects appeared to be in a much disciplined formation. These objects appeared consistent with the object I saw in my second sighting. The objects were very bright and appeared similar to headlights. They flashed off sequentially, starting with the southern most light. These lights were in the western sky.

I immediately notified my wife and daughter and they too saw the lights. I did not stop to investigate or signal to them. I continued traveling northbound until arrival at the Border Patrol checkpoint.

The 27 mile marker is approximately 27 miles form the Mexican border. The lights appeared to be hovering over rural densely brushed and sparsely populated ranches. There are no major towns or cities northwest of Laredo, Texas that would line up directly west of the 27 mile marker. The nearest town would be Catarina which is several miles north of Laredo on Highway 83. The next nearst town would be Encinal, which is 39 miles north on IH-35.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))