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Occurred : 6/22/2009 21:15 (Entered as : 06/33/09 21:15)
Reported: 7/6/2009 6:01:05 PM 18:01
Posted: 8/5/2009
Location: Egan, SD
Shape: Cigar
Duration:2 to 3 minutes
White cigar shaped object in sight for 2 to 3 minutes sighting duration. No noise, contralis, etc.

The time was approximately, 9:15 pm on July 22 of 2009. I was in the back yard of my brother's property next door, facing south, talking to my brother who was to the east side of the property. I turned to talk to him and when I did, looked up at the trees that separate the property. I noticed an object that I would describe as looking like a pill type capsule or cigar shape. This object was bright white and obviously reflecting the setting sun. it had no noise nor did it have a contrail like conventional aircraft. It moved at a steady pace in a north south direction. There were a few clouds but, they were to the south and as the object moved off, you could still see it reflecting the light while in the clouds. I would estimate it roughly at around 7,000 ft. altitude. When I first saw it, it looked to be about 3 inches long from my vantage point on the ground. As I said, it appeared first as a cigar shape but, as it went away, it appeared as a round shape as would be expected by something of that shape moving away from you.

I am a former volunteer fire fighter and a trained weather spotter so, I am familiar with the skies. I grew up near an airport and had a father who was crazy about airplanes so, I am familiar with all types of conventional aircraft.

My brother did not see it at first when I pointed it out to him due to the trees but, did see it long enough to file a report also.

((NUFORC Note: Date corrected by source of report. PD))