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Occurred : 7/8/2009 16:28 (Entered as : 07/08?09 16:28)
Reported: 7/8/2009 4:53:10 PM 16:53
Posted: 8/5/2009
Location: Vancouver, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:10 second
Odd shaped aircraft

I stepped outside to shoot a few hoops and as I was walking down my driveway I noticed an oddly shaped craft up in the sky. At first I thought it was a plane since I live near PDX but i soon realized it was not a commercial plane. It was also just sitting there up in the air, and that wasn't right either. All of a sudden it just disappeared. The way it was shaped was there was a long rectangle. Down at the bottom of the rectangle there were two circles, one on each side. Then at the top there was a half circle.