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Occurred : 7/26/2009 23:00 (Entered as : 7/26/09 23:00)
Reported: 7/26/2009 9:57:01 PM 21:57
Posted: 8/5/2009
Location: Greenwood, IN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1-2 minutes
Bright red disk shape with red center and a white ship like object in the red center-flew slowly as it passed me and shot away

I am a part time school bus driver and single mother of 4. My fiance' and I were sitting at the barn talking and I got up to walk back to our pasture. I was standing and looking at the stars and noticed a bright red light to the west of where i was standing which I thought was a planet. I looked around the sky and realized it was too big to be a planet. I looked back at the red object and saw it was getting closer to me. It was flying low and was a disk or saucer shape. It was a bright white light on the outside and red on the inside of the disk. Inside the red circle of light was another white object that I would call a ship. It was like a squared off upside down heart shape. I realized that what I was seeing was a UFO. It came towards me and traveled very slowly. It made NO sound. It passed me and was to the east of me when I could see the front end of the disk begin to ascend. It then shot straight upward and eastward and was out of sight in ! less than 2 seconds. I was not scared and it was the most awesome thing I've ever seen.