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Occurred : 8/11/2009 01:00 (Entered as : 09/11/2009 1:00)
Reported: 8/11/2009 10:24:51 AM 10:24
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Brantford (Canada), ON
Shape: Circle
Duration:all night
orbs, orbs, orbs

i'm not surprised to see a brantford report on this site , because from what i've seen we have had a lot of strange happenings in the sky this week.just a few days ago (aug 5th or 6th) around 1am i left my friends house and out of the corner of my eye i noticed the brightest "star" in the sky was moving... you could see it popping in and out of the clouds. After adjusting my eyes, i realized this was no hallucination. it was like a bright ball, seemed like an orb-- this is how it appeared from the ground anyways. I swear this thing was playing hide and seek; hiding behind dark evil chem clouds (5th day of major aerosol operation) Sometimes it would drift out and sit ina a "hole" (HAARP?) in the clouds right in the open like it wanted to make its presence known. it always moved in liquid motions, very graceful. 10 mins after the sighting a helicopter (black- military i presume) came from the direction of hamilton and was heading directly at the craft a! nd kept flying. during the arrival of the helicopter i noticed the orb was gone. i continued my walk and within minutes not only was the orb back but there was at least 2 much smaller crafts flying faster weaving in and out of the clouds moving across the whole city. these ones were much smaller and not so blatant, and they were always moving . for the whole 40 min walk home the biggest orb always kept appearing, dissapearing behind grey clouds always in the same general area which was in the vicinity of the moon. Before i went in my house i checked and it wasn't there. i played on my computer for a while and thought to look out my bedroom window, and the thing was right where it was before. it was never out of site for the entire night, but after 330 it seemed to just sit there and act like a star. i went to sleep just before dawn and it was still there... one thing i forgot to mention is that when this ball was next to a cloud that wasn't as thick you could see a! red/orange glow projected from the object onto the cloud. al! so at ti mes light on the craft would pulsate especially when maneuvering.

I didn't see anything for a few days and then last night (aug 11) i was working at 3am (on lunch outside) and noticed several orbs again. i had a friend watch them too and he couldn't believe it. during lunch conversation i noticed what appeared to be a shooting star- but it couldn't have been because it shot one way and then reversed and disappeared. this was all in a flash, so fast that i pretty much saw a ">" in the sky ( like a zig zag) anyways there were three big balls of light this time that mostly creeped in there own areas, posing as stars for the most part. again they couldn't have been because we watched one start creeping, we lost him behind the cloud, then he slowly rose above it in plain site. only one person at the lunch table was bothered to even look up ONCE... they were trying to tell me that it was stars, satellites etc without even looking up. i really don't care because i know from chemtrails that bringing up anything "outside the matrix" just ma! kes you look crazy... even on a spray day with the sky in a grid pattern and magnetic cloud anomolies. Anyways, around 5am i was hanging at the side of the factory with the other witness throwing cardboard in a bin and we decided to watch the several suspicious stars that were all out of place from a few hours earlier. we noticed one slowly creep upward through a cloud and sit above it.(they seem to do that a lot...) the witness said "holy shit, look at the red light"! as it passed through a thin edge of the cloud. it sat above and it was pulsating, got brighter and it either changed shape or the shape of the craft became apparent- which was sort of like a small case "t" without the bend on the bottom. anyweay i finished my shift, and when i left it was sunny, clear and the chemtrail planes (2) were already starting for the day. nothing else was in sight in the sky. i have never had an interest in ufos until recently, i just couldn't help seeing it out of the corner ! of my eye the other day. now that i'm watching the sky it see! ms appar ent that there's a lot going on we have no idea about!!!