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Occurred : 8/8/2009 23:10 (Entered as : 08/08/09 23:10)
Reported: 8/12/2009 5:29:53 PM 17:29
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Blanchard, MI
Shape: Sphere
Duration:10 minutes?
Orange orb or light in the night sky - Blanchard Michigan 8-8-9

August 8, 2009 approximately 11:10 pm EST while attending a reunion event and concert at the park.

Observed near Millpond Park, 11178 W Blanchard Rd, Blanchard, Michigan 49310 My fiance and I saw an orange orb in the sky in mid-Michigan, USA. It was luminous and steady, not moving at all, perfectly round and orange in color. At first I thought it might be a radio tower but there was none -- it appeared over a wide field out in the country. It seemed suspended in the air, not wavering, the orange light steady and unflickering. Excepting the moon, it appeared larger than any planet I’d seen in the night sky and appeared to be northeast in the sky, judging from the position of the pavilion where we were located. Clouds moved in the sky BEHIND the object but the object was motionless. It was windy out -- light storms and rain had been moving in and out of the area that evening. We enjoy watching nature and had seen clouds drifting over the waning moon about a half hour before seeing the orb. I’d say the height off the ground seemed to be about 15 stories or more -- about the height of a radio tower. It faded away after a few minutes but never moved fr! om the spot where we’d first seen it (but it was in the sky when we first observed it… we did not observe it “appear.”) We pointed the object out to a couple who were at the event with us. They looked at it but didn’t seem phased. I wish I’d had my camera! We tried the cell phone camera but it didn’t catch the light. It seemed beautiful and odd.

My boyfriend and I are both nature enthusiasts and spend quite a lot of time outdoors observing and photographing nature. I'm a graphic designer and natural clairsentient. Interestingly enough, I had "vibes" about attending the gathering in Blanchard, despite an iffy weather report, and joked to my boyfriend about maybe seeing a crop circle (we'd just watched a documentary about them a few weeks before). Nope, but we saw plenty of haystacks on the drive home the next morning.

Thank you.