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Occurred : 8/10/2009 23:56 (Entered as : 08/10/2009 23:56)
Reported: 8/17/2009 6:53:40 PM 18:53
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Troy, MT
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 -6 minutes
Strange Flying craft seen in the night sky over Troy, Montana Date: 08-10-2009 Time: 2355 - 0005 hrs Duration: 4 to 6 minutes Shape of craft: ?, possibly rectangular or triangular.

Altitude of craft: 3000 - 3500 ft. ?, maybe 4000 ft.

Speed of craft: 150 - 200 mph ?, Slow to medium pace, was not going fast.

Witnesses: 4 Security Officers

Description: On august 10 of 2009 at just before midnight I arrived at the work site and was in the process of relieving my fellow security officer that was on duty. We were talking and I happened to notice something wierd to the northeast of us in the night sky. The object was flying from north to south over Troy, Mt. and I said to my fellow officer, "What the hell is that". We were watching it and the object's front end;ie, cockpit? was glowing with an dull amber light and their was an red pulsing light under the craft. Also there were white lights around on the craft. Can't remember if lights were blinking or not. Seems to me that the lights were steady.

We could not tell the shape of the craft as it was dark in color against the night sky. We did not here any sound from the object, but there was a diesel generator running nearby. It was definitely not an helicopter as the object was to big to be one. It could have been some type of military aircraft but It sure was strange looking. The "wings" if it had any, did not have and green & red strobe lights on the edge of the "wings". it may have had white steady lights though.

As the object flew south of us I went over quick to the other two security officers at the other work site about half an block away and pointed it out to them. All they seen was the back end of the craft as it went over the hills to the south. The object would have been flying just to the west of highway 56 if any one else noticed it from the area. It was heading towards highway 200. I had an cellphone with built in camera on my belt and could have taken pictures of the object but spaced it out, But we were to entranced by the thing. Oh well, next time, maybe.

Oh, my fellow office mentioned that the object looked square in shape, kind of boxey looking, but we were not sure and I could tell it was fairly long in length.

BTW, The moon was in the sky, it was an half moon.