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Occurred : 8/17/2009 23:00 (Entered as : 08/17/09 23:00)
Reported: 8/18/2009 9:44:39 PM 21:44
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Marysville, OH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 minute
Triangular craft, 5-6 red lights on edge

I stepped out the back door and looked to the left (westerly) and noticed 5 or six bright red lights (in a row) just hanging in the air above an antennae with a white strobe light (strobe light on the antennae).

I pointed it out to my wife and she did the same thing I did. She first said it was an airplane, then when I mentioned it wasn't moving, she said it was a helicopter.

As I was thinking about getting my camera the object began to move. It came toward us, then turned to our right. It made a sweeping turn then began to decend. It did this without banking.

The red lights were not fuzzy on the edges, they were well defined, and they all moved as one solid object. As the object began to move I noticed partial green lights above the left 2 or 3 red lights. Also as the object turned to the right, and later to the left, it didn't bank as a normal aircraft would.

The lights seemed to have a perpindicular dark color in the center, and faded to a lighter color on the edge, but the edge was still a cherry red color, the green appeared to be the same type of lights...(my wife said she did not notice the green lights).

After reporting this strange observation, I must also include the following information: 1. The Union County Airport is in the same direction as the object appeared to go, and I haven't had the chance to follow this possibility up. (I will do so in the morning...08-19-09).

2. I have not taken photographs of the area where the sighting took place..(Again, I will take daytime and nighttime photos).

3. Each light on the object appeared to be approximately 1/8 inch in diameter, for a total of 1+1/4" in width.

4. The only reason I am reporting this without having the opportunity to "investigate" the possibilities is that when I asked my wife what she saw, she said, "It was triangular..." and then she talked about the red lights.