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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/20/2009 23:30 (Entered as : 08/20/09 23:30)
Reported: 8/22/2009 9:40:17 PM 21:40
Posted: 8/27/2009
Location: Palatine, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:1-2 seconds
Bright anomolus light seen streaking over Chicagoland

I was driving home from work on the night of August 20th, heading southbound on IL-53 just South of Long Grove Road. It was approximately 11:30 pm., the sky was partially cloudy and the weather was fair at the time. For a brief couple of seconds, I witnessed a bright orange ball of light in the southern sky, that seemed to be traveling in a north-easterly direction. The light had no trail behind it, of smoke or sparks. It seemed to travel in an arc towards Chicago, and I lost it behind the clouds over the city. The ball of light was as bright as Venus or Mars at their brightest in the night sky, and traveled about 40 degrees of the sky faster than any airplane could silently, and at an altitude above the cloud cover. The object was clearly visible despite the city's light pollution of the night sky. Although I have seen shooting stars and meteorites, I never see any of these phenomenon in urban Chicagoland.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the time of the sighting is approximate. PD))